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Osimhen’s punishment: A pat in the back

By Kunle Awosiyan

Victor Osimhen will not wear Super Eagles jersey until he apologises to Finidi George. What a punishment from the Nigeria Football Federation, NFF.

Then Osimhen should just do a new Video and prostrate, “E ma binu sir, omode lo n se mi sir.” Lobatan.

I wrote a few days ago that such is our culture, filled with so much of emotion. Emergency writers will quickly tell George to forgive because our Osimhen had prostrated. Lobatan.

For me, I do not see this as a punishment but a pat in the back by those who sent Osimhen on an errand.

Those who attended the meeting where George put all the blame on his players for his poor performance also leaked the video to Osimhen and they wanted quick reaction.

A coach who implicated his employers and his players is not fit to lead. He was not ready to burn his own skin but that of others. The members of NFF who leaked the video had not helped our football neither.

From this, it is obvious that some people in the NFF sent Osimhen on an errand and the boy delivered the message like a slave. “Bi a ba ran ni ni ise eru a fi ti omo je.”

But they must save him and the best way is for Osimhen to apologise to Nigerians and get back to the pitch. Why? Because Nigerians love “Idobale” more than “Iwa”. It serves us right.

Anyway, some will demand more than just an apology. They may propose three-match ban and a fine with apology letter, which for me would have defined the NFF itself but because some executive members of the federation are the real masqueraders behind the chanting Osimhen, the Super Eagles striker must go and sin no more.

He has delivered their message rightly or wrongly, some of us can see where the smoke is coming from. It’s just a pity that the Osimhen is the innocent victim of a craft football house.

Perhaps some do not even know that patience and mercy are also values and that discipline, decorum and gentleness are not the only values we must play up to show how virtuous we are.

While Osimhen must be disciplined to instill value in him and others , some think he must also be pitied for being used by the crafty men of the NFF. I go with the latter, Osimhen should not be used as a scapegoat.

The NFF thinks he must be patient in dealing with its players and will have to wait until Osimhen tenders an apology, which it knows he will do.

May God bless this punishment

By Kunle Awosiyan

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