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Nasarawa: Sule and the hidden treasure

By Kassim Muh'd Kassim

Questions have been raised daily on why Governor Abdullahi Sule is performing like a first-time governor, or whether he has any hidden agenda. Some have gone ahead to compare his achievements in the first 4-years and just one year in office after being re-elected. Many are surprised that most governors who were ubiquitous on social media for their wonderful performance suddenly disappeared after being re-elected, but Governor Sule’s performance has been so massive that even the opposition cannot speak ill of him anymore.

The answer is very simple: Governor Sule has not changed or has any hidden agenda. People refused to understand him and were just waiting for magic to happen. He met a lot of debts but never complained like others; rather, he accepted responsibility and put in place modalities to clear them off, and today, Nasarawa State is debt-free. He met the state revenue at ₦700,000 monthly and said Nasarawa State could generate more than this if possible ways are initiated; today, our revenue capacity is about ₦4 billion monthly, and it will keep increasing.

He took responsibility for ongoing and abandoned projects, and he completed 90 percent of them while also initiating new projects across the state. He took over power when the state salaries, including political appointees, were on a percentage basis, but he was able to stop that. He came in and discovered that since 1999, pensioners were not paid gratuity, and he took responsibility to clear the debt. For those who passed away before this magnanimity, may their souls rest in peace. About 1,000 teachers were recruited without salary and posting, and he directed their posting and payments immediately. He recruited about 4,000 teachers and is still recruiting. He cried when he was told that most of the staff from the State House of Assembly to all the ministries were casual staff from 1999, and they were all on either
₦5,000 or ₦10,000 per month. He directed their conversion to permanent staff immediately.

As a gentleman that he is, he was never interested in any political structure that could later turn into something different, like what we see from other states, but a Nasarawa structure where investors will come in and develop our dear state. Most leaders worry about their exit after office, but more opportunities surely await Governor Sule to end his 8-years. The treasure that Nasarawa State would have missed and will continue to celebrate even after office in 2027. The man came to serve, not the position. If you don’t know anything about him, do not lie because it could be your personal observations or perception.

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