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Lagos to seal Churches, mosques, others operating under residential buildings

The Lagos State Government has disclosed that it would begin sealing residential buildings where churches, mosques and other religious gatherings are been illegally conducted after a 30 days removal notice, claimed by the state government to have been sent to operators of such religious entities, saying their actions were against the state’s masterplan such that had brought discomfort on Lagos residents.

Besides, the state government said that similar notices were also sent to owners of lounges, clubhouses and bars who have also converted residential buildings across the state into illegal without approval for change of use.

According to state government, the removal notice became imperative following security concerns of citizens and repeated complaints of non-adherence to safety and security guidelines issued to the club owners.

The Commissioner, Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources, Lagos State, Tokunbo Wahab, confirmed that religious places, clubhouses, bars and lounges and others operating illegally under residential buildings would be sealed in coming days if their owners fail to return those buildings to their original residential purpose.

He said that after 30 days owners and occupiers of such structures that were illegally converted  to other use across the state without approval for change  of use, would not have access into the buildings except they were revert to the original use of the structures.

Through a statement released on Tuesday from the commissioner, the state government indicated that its decision to clampdown on the identified entities turning residential into other use, was to ensure sanity return to nooks and crannies of the state and that its actions was sequel to the distortion of the masterplan of the Lagos, especially residential areas, by people who in gross disregard to the regulatory provisions of the law turned residential areas into clubhouses and worship centres thereby constituting a nuisance to the environment.

Tokunbo stated that the removal notice was necessary to prepare minds of members of public toward the government’s action particularly  for security concerns of citizens and repeated complaints of non-adherence to safety and security guidelines issued to the club owners.

“Any owner of buildings in residential areas that have been converted to churches, mosques, clubs, bars or lounges without the requisite approvals should evict such occupants before the expiration of the 30 days’ final notice as the state will not give further notice of sealing but outright removal of such non-conforming buildings at the cost of the owners”, he added.

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