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Sokoto Govt. faults Shettima on Sultan’s removal allegations

The Sokoto State Government has faulted the Vice President, Kashim shettima, allegation that plans have been concluded to remove the Sultan of Sokoto, Saad Abubakar, saying the Vice President erred on the comment and should often investigate before speaking.

It said that the statement made the Vice President further indicated that he has shallow knowledge on current relationship between the government and the Sultan, urging Shetimma to cross check facts before speaking on sensitive issues.

The government, in a statement released on `Tuesday by the Presss Secretary to the Governor, Abubakar Bawa, stressed that the report the `Vice `president used as yardstick for his comment was untrue and should disregard such.

According to the Sokoto Government, We are calling on our vice president H E Kashim shettima to always cross check facts before commenting on sensitive national matters.

“This is coming in the wake of recent pronouncement made by the Vice President in katsina regarding the false story circulating that the Ahmed Aliyu led administration is planning to remove Sultan Muhammad Saad Abubakar.

“We sincerely expected the Vice President to have consulted the Governor before going public. The state government urges Vice President Shettima as No 2 citizen to have a full knowledge on issues of national concern before commenting on them.

“As an elder statesman and a father to all he should have facts and figures before judging on issues raised by mischief makers and the mushroom social media handlers known for negative propaganda.

“The fact of the matter is that there was never any attempt to sack the sultan nor have we sent him any threat regarding that Sultan enjoys all the powers he is entitled to.we never denied him any of his freedom or rights.

“We Therefore do not need to be told to guard, protect, and promote the sultan.it is our sole responsibility. The government and People of Sokoto cherish and adore the sultanate council and would do everything possible to protect the dignity of the revered institution” .

“The Government to this end reassures all Nigerians that, it will continue to protect the sultanate council and it’s dignity at all times”.

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