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Ronaldo: They taunt him but makes money

By Kunle Awosiyan

Blessed to him who is taunted for some people to have peace. And blessed to Cristiano Ronaldo for surviving all the taunts and still playing at 39.

Arsene Wenger described him as a strong player who could have done better at this ongoing Europe 2024.

Wenger said, “Ronaldo is a strong player. The coach is there to make the right decisions. Perhaps resting him in some matches would have been the best decision. If Ronaldo had been 10 years younger, he would have scored some of the opportunities available today.

Also, Ronaldo needs players to help him forward and not be Isolated alone as we saw today. This is the law of life. There is nothing constant. How many players will play at this level at the age of 39? Tell me? He is exceptional. Despite his advanced age, he is still a good player, but not like before.”

Wenger was reacting to Ronaldo’s resilience after France knocked out Portugal on Friday.

Unluckily for Ronaldo, France stopped his dream of winning Europe cup for the second time in his career.

His football trajectory has come with a lot of highs and some lows, however if this machine of a man hangs his boots today, his mark will never be erased in the history of the round leather game.

Any football fan will definitely love Ronaldo, including those who hail Lionel Messi of Argentina. If it is about football, then a soccer enthusiast will always applaud Ronaldo.

But then his personality and charm will always create headache for those who idolise Messi. Each time Ronaldo does well or fails to do well, either on the field or outside the pitch, his critics taunt him to sooth their pains.

Perhaps, taunting has become part of the game, I won’t ever taunt Messi even though I rate Ronaldo higher in the effort the two had brought to raise the game.

No doubt, Messi is an alien specie in football just like his idol, Diego Maradona whom to me is god of soccer, however, there is a Ronaldo de Lima, the Phenomenal whose idea of football is scientific.

Even though, they have got more talents than C.Ronaldo, these three lack the zeal, the art and energy that C. Ronaldo had infused into the game.

Portugal just lost a match, yet Ronaldo is trending and growing bigger than the victorious French team because he is being taunted.

His Instagram growth ratio now stands as 0.98 per cent and engagement ratio 1.26 per cent and average comments of 72,800.

This is more than football game but a business platform that will make him to generate dollar every minute that somebody taunts him.

According to a recent study by BonuFinder, Ronaldo makes over $2 million on every social media post.

With more than 300 million followers on Instagram alone, Ronaldo is the most followed footballer and he takes in about $42 million annually, which is bigger than what many footballers earn in their respective clubs.

By Kunle Awosiyan

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