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Military kills former police officer, two bandits in Zamfara

By Monsurudeen Olowoopejo

A former police officer, Kachallah Yada, and over two bandits were reported to have been killed by the Military in collaboration with Militia Joint Task Force in Zamfara State.

Among the over two bandits killed during a face-off with the military and civilian task force in Tidibale in Gangara villages of ISA and Sabon Birnin Local Governments were Kachillaha Mati and Jammo Bak.

A counter insurgent expert, Zagazola Makama, who disclosed on Saturday through a short statement released on his official social media handle after the attack, stressed that the act was committed yesterday.

According to the statement, “Jammo was very dangerous and ruthless to the extent that he forced the community to give him a Chieftaincy title.

*On the other hand, Kachallah Yadda, who was an Ex- police officer, is in charge of training the bandit on weapons handling as well as illicit arms trafficking.

“The killing of the three terrorists was a huge blow to the bandits in Zamfara state and a relief to the people of the North West.

“This also got to show that the initiative of the Zamfara state government in collaboration with the security forces since it vowed to never negotiate with bandits, but to crush them by any means is yielding positive results.

“The recruitment of the Civilian Joint Task Force, popularly known as Askarawa, to go after the bandits in their enclaves and their hideouts was a major game changer.

“Just like in the case of the North East, the worst Nightmare of the Bandits are the “Askarawa” or Yansakai as they are popularly called. This was because they have the knowledge of the terrain and know the bandits who have in the past operated openly with impunity.

“The Askarawa’s within the past few months have captured and killed hundreds of bandits, their informants, and collaborators. They have also recovered thousands of livestock rustled by the bandits as well as rescued dozens of abducted victims.

“This was why the pressure mounted on the bandits in both military, air, and ground offensives is forcing them to beg for “Negotiations” through several videos on social media”.

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