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Israeli issues quit notices to Gaza residents amid intensified attacks

The Israeli military has ordered all residents of the Northern region of Gaza to evacuate to the central strip to avoid any casualties ahead of intensified operations.

Meanwhile, the UN has expressed deep concern over the evacuation orders, which affect over 250,000 people.

Leaflets dropped by aircraft on Wednesday instruct residents to leave via designated safe routes, citing a “dangerous combat zone”.

The evacuation order comes as the Israeli military intensified its operations in Gaza City, with widespread airstrikes and artillery bombardments targeting what the military says are Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad militant positions.

The military claims to have killed dozens of fighters in Gaza City and dismantled an underground tunnel route used by militants.

However, the bombing has also caused significant civilian casualties and damage to infrastructure, with many residents trapped in their homes or unable to access medical care.

Some residents have begun evacuating, fleeing with whatever belongings they can carry and seeking shelter in overcrowded refugee camps or other makeshift accommodations.

However, many others are unable to leave due to the intensity of the bombing, which has made it difficult for them to even venture out of their homes.

The Palestinian Red Crescent reported receiving calls from residents who were unable to evacuate due to the severity of the bombing, and the organization has warned of a growing humanitarian crisis in the territory.

The conflict has killed over 38,000 people in Gaza since October, according to the Hamas-run health ministry, and the UN has warned that the evacuation area is already overcrowded and lacks infrastructure and humanitarian access.

The situation remains dire, with ongoing fighting and displacement causing widespread human suffering.

Efforts to negotiate a ceasefire and hostage release deal are ongoing but have been complicated by the renewed fighting in Gaza City.

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