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Angela Morris discloses secrets behind mother’s strategy for child upbringing

Ahead of this year’s mother’s day celebration, a specialist in child and adult care, Angela Morris, has released secret tips to assist everyone understand mother’s desire for their children as they nurture them to become better personality in the society.

Morris said that every mother’s secret desire is to live their lives again through their children which formed reasons for the strategy they often adopted while raising each child in the family.

She added that mothers’ do not discuss this desire with anyone as they navigate through the cultural challenges and others attached to child upbringing roles in the society.

The expert disclosed this in her new series book: “Don’t Let Them Stop You! – It’s Personal”, published to assist readers understand different parenting styles, abandonment, past trauma, mental health, relationships, feminism and others.

In the hard-hitting self-help first in the series book, she outlined mothers’ roles, challenges they face and how to approach these challenges regardless of cultural upbringing.

Regardless, the expert through the book explained that every mother have their own definition of how their child should be raise, a definition they stick to.

She noted that this definition is based on their own experiences and what they carryover from their experiences over the years which they are not necessarily good at communicating to others.

According to her, “still, mother’s roles include to love unconditionally, to care both physically and emotionally, to correct to discipline and train, to build encourage and teach, and to connect with children and grow with them.”

While performing this important role, the author stressed that many children may not be comfortable with the strategy adopted by their mother which could make some aim to have a face-off with the one that carried them for nine months in her belly.

Rather than go fight your mother, Morris in her book suggested that you might have a face-to-face discussion with her, engage her over the phone or adopt letter writing approach to understand her parenting strategies.

This approach, according to her, could end either good or bad. The child has 50-50 chances on this.

“Sorry, I have to be honest! (There are no guarantees, especially based on which culture you were raised in; my black and brown people may decide to tread with caution here!).

On the other hand, you might feel a “bulldozer” moment come over you, and feel better having expressed yourself and got some things off your chest!,” Angela added.

Aside from this, the book also aimed to enable readers transform their lives on their journey of self-discovery in their country.

“This book is full of practical tips and approaches to help the reader find and keep their sense of identity when the people close to them try to control them”, Morris explained.

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