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Actors Guild suspends movies in riverine communities after Junior Pope’s death

Following death of Nollywood actor, Junior Pope, and three crew members, the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) has placed an indefinite suspension on use of riverine communities and boat rides for movies across the country.

Aside from that, the body has banned actors and actresses indefinitely from participating in any film produced by Adanma Luke.

The body issues the ban on Thursday after a Nollywood actor, Junior Pope, and three crew members died during a tragic boat accident in Delta State.

The guild’s President, Ejezie Rollas, disclosed this in a circular dated April 11, 2024 and posted on social media.

Luke is the producer of the movie titled “The other side of life,” in which Junior Pope was starring before his death.

The AGN statement read: “Following the tragic incident of a boat mishap that claimed the life of Junior Pope and three other crew members at waterside of River Niger Cable point Asaba on April 10, all films that involve riverine areas and boat riding are hereby suspended indefinitely.

“There should be no shoot on all locations nationwide on Thursday, April 11, 2024.

“The film titled ‘The other side of Life’ is suspended indefinitely.

“Also, no actor is allowed to work with Adamma Luke as a producer till further notice.

“While we keep searching for the bodies of the remaining persons, may their souls rest in peace.”

News broke on Wednesday that Junior Pope and four other crew members lost their lives in an accident while travelling by boat away from the film set.

Rollas later shared a post on his social media handle that Junior Pope survived and was receiving treatment.

He later deleted the post.

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