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Yoruba group storms Sanwo-Olu’s office, kick against Amotekun

By Monsuru Olowoopejo

A Yoruba group, the Yoruba Appraisal Forum, on Thursday stormed Office of the Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu and House of  Assembly, on Thursday, demanding that the plan should not be implemented since it had been allegedly hijacked.

The protesters claimed that Amotekun, security outfit conceived by six Southwest governors to reduce the insecurity in the region, should not be implemented by the governor.

Spokesperson of the group, Oloketuyi Ojo, made the appeal during a protest to the federal security agencies and the governor’s office, alleged that the outfit had been hijacked, and then intended for purposes that could be injurious to the continued corporate existence of the country.

The group’s spokesperson, however, said the security initiative was a healthy development which ordinarily, no right-thinking person should oppose

He said: “Although the intention of those who originally conceived the idea of Amotekun was a noble one as they set out to protect the people in the region against criminal elements.

“Those criminals caused wanton destruction of lives and property but the idea has been hijacked and now intended for purposes that could be injurious to the continued corporate existence of the country.

“The razzmatazz attending the launch of Amotekun and the passage of the bill establishing it into law by the House of Assembly in each of the six southwest states seem to have blinded even people.

“These people should be discerning enough to the reality and danger inherent in this new regional security outfit of the Yoruba states.

Ojo said the alarm raised by eminent Nigerians, including the Attorney General, Abubakar Malami, on the danger inherent in establishment of the regional security initiative, cannot be discountenanced, after all.

He said the current promoters of the idea, unbeknownst to the southwest governors and the innocent people of the region, who saw it as a new force to provide them adequate security against the activities of criminal elements.

Ojo said since the police seem overwhelmed by security challenges across the country, the promoters were using devious means to subtle and outright naked threat, taken over Amotekun for the purpose of achieving their selfish agenda.

He, therefore, urged President Muhamadu Buhari to profile the current promoters of the Amotekun security outfits to ascertain its real membership and their original intention.

The group’s spokesperson advised the president to hold discussions with the six-state governors on the concerns the group had raised about Amotekun.

Ojo said the Nigeria Police, the National Intelligence Agency (NIA), Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) and Department of State Services (DSS) should carry out thorough security checks on the outfits.

He said: “A stich in time, they say saves nine, we must not watch idly as the enemies of the country hide under the smokescreen of running a regional security outfit.

“They had engage in activities that are not only inimical, but also injurious to continued corporate existence of the nation. We call on President to take urgent steps to nip the burgeoning insurrection now threatening to rise from the South West under the cover of the Amotekun security outfit in the bud.

“We therefore called the president to use his good offices to call the South West Governors to order by prevailing on them not to sign the bill into law yet until proper checks about such a security outfit are done.

“We urged the leadership of the National Assembly to as a matter of urgency stand up and put in place measures that would bring peace and orderliness in the region,” he added.

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