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Yoruba diaspora group cautions Presidency against halting herdsmen quit notice in Ondo

By Monsurudeen Olowoopejo

In defense for Ondo State Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, on the issuance of quit notice to herdsmen,  a diaspora group, Yoruba Global Alliance North America, has cautioned the Presidency against halting plan by the governor to protect citizens and restore normalcy in the state particularly within the forest reserve.

The group stated that any plan to halt Akeredolu’s move to end cases of kidnapping, destruction of farmers crops, and raping of their wives, as well as children by the Presidency, would be that the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration is provoking a mindless war that could ultimately lead to unrest across the country.

While expressing their strong support for the Ondo state governor and other governors in South West region with similar policies on protection of Yoruba people, the Yoruba self-determination group urged the central government, if not aware of the governors’ constitutional role, to consult history books and learn a lesson or two therefrom.

The group stance was made in a release made available to The Guild after an emergency meeting of the organization in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, and released by Charles Olatunji, yesterday.

This came hours after the Presidency in a statement released by Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, kicked against the eviction plan and argued that not all herdsmen engaged in crime and criminalities, saying, there is little to be said other than to call for restraint on both sides.

In a release titled: ‘Declaration of War on Yoruba nation’, the group described the statement of the presidency after the governor issued a seven-day ultimatum to herdsmen in the forest reserve and banned night grazing, as an apparent declaration of war on the Yoruba nation.

The North American group wondered why a central government should threaten the Ondo state governor for merely saying he was determined to protect the people who voted him into office against the unabashed Fulani herdsmen that had ceaselessly attacked the people in the state.

“Several kidnappings, murderous assaults, vandalisation of people’s farms, rape of mothers, and even grandmothers as well as, unprecedented impunity have turned Ondo state into a jungle by barbaric behaviours of those who arrogantly believe that they were untouchable”.

It added that these were these issues, which have continued unchecked, were reasons Akeredolu issued quit notice to herdsmen that have taken over the forest and converted large expanse of land to holding bay for kidnapped victims and platform to launch strategy attacks in the state.

According to the group, we stoutly and solidly identify with Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu and all other governors in the South West with similar policies. We salute Akeredolu’s courage and forthrightness.

The global group argued that since the present administration has allegedly decided not to protect the country from attackers, it should not “threaten any state government that is determined to save its people, when in actual fact the Nigeria constitution states every State Governor is the Chief Security of the State”.

It added that the actions of the government further indicated that the president and his handlers allegedly “did not study the Nigeria Constitution, or they are just in total disregard of the document under which they supposed to operate”.

While alleging that the Buhari led administration had continued to pampered perpetrators, the Yoruba Global Alliance North America said: “Only recently General Muhammadu Buhari gleefully announced to the world that the Fulani from all over Africa should move en mass to Nigeria even without passport or Visa thereby creating a sea of unidentified and unidentifiable criminals into the country.

“This is a senseless statement and decision by a leader of a country, when other sensible leaders around the world are curtailing bandwagon-immigration which may portend dangers, into their country. To us in Yorubaland, this is a flagrant disregard to the security of lives and properties of our people as we have been witnessing.

“Under the undisguised nepotism, sectionalism, bigotry, religious extremism, and pathological incompetence and intolerance which had characterised Buhari’s disdainful stranglehold on Nigeria, these past five years, the unfortunate country has become the poorest and the most terrorised nation on earth.

“Nigerians didn’t vote the Fulani or the megalomaniac Myetti Allah into office and President Buhari should not mistake the decency, civilization and accommodating culture of the Yoruba for cowardice or stupidity”.

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