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World Cup: The coach Super Eagles need

By Kunle Awosiyan

The present players in the Super Eagles squad have enough quality to be African champions and also qualify for the Qatar 2022 World Cup but they need a coach who can boost their confidence.

A coach like Clement Westerhof who will tell them not to respect big names but what those names can bring to the field of play.

A kind of coach that told the 1994 squad to go out there and beat Argentina despite the presence of Diego Maradona on the pitch.

A coach who so much respected his own players both local and foreign irrespective of the status of their clubs. A coach who did not only “Nigerianise” himself but drank the country like water to win the first AFCON outside Nigerian soil.

That was a coach, not Rohr who is not ready to leave his comfort zone, yet he wants to conquer. Super Eagles do not need a Rohr who respects his opponent more than his own team.

I don’t like reading Rohr whenever Nigeria is about to play minnows. He always belittle the Super Eagles with his analyses. He is not always sure of the capability of his team, thereby creating confidence for opponents.

Even now, he is not sure about Super Eagles’ qualification for the World Cup, yet he wants to retain his job despite insinuations that his employers, NFF may sack him.

He begged to stay after his poor performance at the 2018 World Cup. He is begging now. And I think the NFF should listen to him.

Rohr should not be sacked now. The Nigeria Football Federation should exercise patience until the Franco-German tactician qualifies the country for the World Cup next year.

However the plots to relieve him of his job must begin now as he prepares for the 2021 AFCON that starts on January 9, 2022.

He should not be sacked now because I am so sure that he will qualify Nigeria for World Cup no matter the strength of the opponent.

Rohr may not be impressive, he is usually lucky when it comes to qualifying Eagles for a tourne and believe me, one should not write off the element of luck at this level.

No doubt, Rohr knows his strength and how far he can go in any competition and this is not about his incompetence at that level but because of his too much respect for established players of his opponents.

Rohr’s attitude to the players of his opposing team is affecting some of his own players now. Take a look at Awaziem, Nigeria right full back, one sees fear written boldly on his face when playing against established opponents.

Rohr’s tactics have created so much caution for these defenders that they are afraid to express themselves, perhaps to reduce errors. This attitude makes some of our defenders to commit primary school errors. Thank God, those errors are mostly outside the 18 yard box.

Against Cape Verde, Super Eagles had more than a dozen corner kicks and none resulted in a goal. 14 corner kicks for God’s sake. So what is Rohr teaching the lads. He should be sacked but not until he qualifies the Eagles.

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