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Woman delivers second baby three weeks after welcoming first

By Chinonso Mgbeahuru

Childbirth is not an easy or straightforward journey for most women. A lot of couples also get unexpected surprises during delivery but some are more than others.

This is a stunning story of a Nigerian couple who welcomed a second baby 21 days after the first one.

The story was shared on Instagram by popular comedian, Princess. In the video shared on Princess’ page, the lucky new father shared his experience.

According to the husband, David Bankole, who got married to his wife in 2003 and they did not have children of their own till February 2019 when they welcomed their first baby girl.

Bankole explained that his wife got pregnant again and welcomed another baby on June 19, 2020. However, that was when something strange happened.

His wife had complained of feeling a funny movement in her stomach. Her worries were initially dismissed but they had to go to the hospital to check after the complaint became incessant.

While at the hospital, another scan was done and it was discovered that there was another child waiting to be delivered by the woman.

The proud new father said that the initial scan they had done showed only one baby and that their situation surprised many of those at the hospital and that both babies were born through natural birth.

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