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Who does Emefiele works for

Moses Oludele Idowu_

It is time to begin interrogating our public officials. It is time to wake up. Today I want to ask questions about a particular public official whom I have never admired and whose conduct from the beginning raises a lot of suspicion.

Godwin Emefiele is the current Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, and presently in the eye of the storm. I am not, for the purpose of this intervention, interested in the storm or in the myriads of allegations levied against him and the attempt by the DSS to arrest him.

It is a measure of our standard as a people lacking in honour, that this man even made it as the Central Bank Governor under that corrupt and notorious government of Goodluck Jonathan, where stealing was not corruption.

Emefiele, lest we forget, was a former Managing Director of Zenith Bank under whose watch the bank was fined for unspecified millions by the then Central Bank Governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, for the outright violations of CBN Rules and Fiscal Policy. It is a measure of the patriotism and intelligence and even presence of mind of Jonathan that this was the same man he found to replace Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, whom they hastily drove away even before the completion of his time.

Godwin Emefiele is a banker, and not an economist. The tragedy of this nation today is that there are no real economists in the highest decision making body of government. Emefiele is a banker, Kemi Adeosun, the first Finance Minister is an accountant, Yemi Osinbajo who was Chairman of Economic Team at inception of this government is a lawyer, Muhammadu Buhari is a soldier.

These are the ones who made decisions for us, and none of them understands the basic rudiments of economics. Something is really wrong with Nigerians and the way we think. We are not a thinking people. Today, the legacy of this ruinous and disastrous combination, are now upon us: a weak Naira, double digit inflation, mountainous debt, widespread despondency, unemployment and low capacity utilization etc.

It takes a little wrong decision to bring down an empire. Just a little blunder, then another and another. That blunder was first made by Jonathan with the appointment of Godwin Emefiele, and I am now convinced that this man had no business being in that office.

The Senate is presently fighting over how 23.7 Trillion Naira of debt was accumulated under the nose of a CBN Governor through the Ways and Means Committee (i.e. currency printing) who does not know how and when to say: “No!”

That is not where I am going today; but I ask the question: Who does Emefiele work for? Is he working for us or for our enemies? By “us” I mean Nigeria, Nigerians and our corporate interests; by our “enemies” I mean the forces of neo-liberal economic imperialism, global corporatocracy, globalists of the New World Order system represented by WEF, Bill Gates, other agents of Colonial Exploitation and their local minions working for World Government.

To be honest to the facts, I am not sure where Emefiele stands. It is not my purpose to raise issues with the weighty allegations by DSS against this man, relating to monumental corruption, stealing, terrorism financing etc; and I encourage the DSS and pray that they really get to the root of this.

I am also not interested in his rented CSOs who are going about protesting his innocence, or even CAN (the ubiquitous Christian Association of Nigeria) making a press release, as if a Christian is being persecuted. Let me warn these organs to steer clear of this, and let a thorough probe be done. Anyone who by his or her decisions, or covenant, endangers other people’s lives and interests is not a Christian, in the light of the Bible.

I have three issues to raise in this question today.

1. *The Currency Change*

Nigeria is presently in the middle of a change to new currency. As a matter of fact, the present currency note will become outdated by January 31, 2023, just few days to now.
Here then is the wonder of wonders: I do not know anyone around me who has the new notes. As I speak, I have only sighted the N1000 and N200; the former was given to me by my undergraduate daughter and the latter in the hand of a transporter in a bus, seven days to the date of expiration. Even me. Think then, of other Nigerians less visible.

Yesterday, 23 January, I went to three banks, namely First Bank, Ecobank and GTB and spoke and interacted with the cashiers. I also transacted business. Not a single one of them was dispensing the notes of the new currency. So what is happening? Even their ATMs are not dispensing the new notes. I also spoke to several customers, and they were, like me, frustrated and angry.

Where are the new notes? Who is keeping them? Who is warehousing them?

I am not a young man. I belong to the same age grade as Emefiele. I have witnessed at least four currency changes and transitions in this nation since the 1970’s and none was as chaotic, opaque, shrouded in so much gimmick, secrecy, manipulation and chicanery as this. Even when Awolowo, the former Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning of Nigeria, changed the currency during the Civil War it was seamless and effortless (despite the fact that we were in a war) than this one being done as by some secret societies.

If you have made a Pact with the global manipulators at Davos for a cashless society, preparatory to New World Order, there is a neater and a better way to go about it. It is not by force, stampeding, dispossessing people, collecting their cash and refusing to give them the new notes in return. It is not by force to convert to cashless. We still have a long way to go to reach there.

Today I sent my wife to withdraw money to make some purchases in my local area here; she was denied. She was neither given the new note, nor the old notes. Even the ATM machines dispensed no cash. My own money for God’s sakes!

What is wrong? Has our economy been so grossly mismanaged? What sort of Monetary Policy is this, when even the little that remains of the Nigerian economy simply cannot function due to asymmetric cyclic thinking?

2. *Central Bank Digital Currency*

Few days ago, the newspapers published the story of the introduction of CBN’s Credit Card. The deployment of what it calls the *National Domestic Card Scheme* is aimed at unifying all payment platforms in the country and replacing all other credit cards and helping Nigerian sovereignty. In the advertorial, the CBN Credit Card is supposed to achieve seven objectives. The seventh objective is however, the most contentious, amorphous and laden with sinister intentions especially to those who are not versed in the language of globalists, “globalise”:

“The card will augment CBN’s effort to ensure seamless dissemination of government to person payment and other social impact initiatives, thus supporting the growth of a robust digital economy.”

That, in a nutshell, tells you the goal of the CBN Credit Card. The entire 7 objectives can be reduced to just one sentence taken from the last line of the seventh: ” *the creation of a Central Bank digital currency* .”

That is the goal. That is where they are heading, and that is why you have to worry and be worried. The whole drive towards cashless economy, the mopping up of cash and keeping citizens stranded is to introduce a Central Bank digital currency. That is a nightmare you should worry about, if you know what it means.

*_That is why I ask who does Godwin Emefiele work for? Us or our enemies?_*

3. *Digital Currency: Why You Should Worry*

The roads to Hell are usually paved with good intentions. Even Adolf Hitler promised that he was working for a millennial reign or kingdom and Karl Marx promised a utopia. Yet millions of lives were wasted in the aim to realize that elusive, failed utopia. The Central Bank Digital Currency promises to make payments easier and is being promoted as such but it is fluke. It is part of their agenda to replace all physical funds with a digital currency, which would give them total control over citizens and their private lives. With this instrument, CBN and its agents can monitor every transaction, limit the amount(s) spent and even delete your funds as they will. With this, the road is paved for the full and unimpeded control and total tyranny of humanity. The road to totalitarianism is being paved. Nigerians need to be warned that your own CBN has already started a war against you and the political leaders who do not know their left from their right are asleep both physically and figuratively.

With Digital Currency will come a Digital ID. So expect another level of personal information processing. CBN had wanted to do this sometimes ago, but I shouted and they backed down. Now it is coming, again, because there can’t be a Digital Currency without the Digital ID. The Digital ID would then be connected to our vaccine status. Can you see the picture now? So that if you don’t receive their vaccines, then you get no money.

Remember it would be digital currency, not physical cash. So they can just erase you from their platform, and all your money. Is this the Davos Play Book?

If you participate in a protest against government or write an article that offends the agents of government or of the global corporatocracy, then they just clean your money out. And you are finished. With the digital currency, it is easy; a poor man can be made rich and the rich made poor, if he refused to play the game. That is why you should worry. That is why you are headed to, unless you wake up and fight for your soul. No one is fettered or goes to perdition except with the chains which he forges with his own hands. It is now time to wake up and make course correction.

As Winston Churchill once said: “If you don’t change your direction, you will end up where you are headed.”

That is where we are all headed for, with Digital Currency. Now is the time to change our direction, because it is still not too late.

Just yesterday news of a simulation of the next epidemic by Bill Gates came to light. *The name is Severe Epidemic Enterovirus Respiratory Syndrome ( SEERS) which will debut by 2025 in a video titled “GET READY”.* Readers will surely remember that a similar *Simulation 201* was done by the same individual just months before the COVID-19 erupted and *Anthony Fauci* was reported in the news saying in 2017, that there would be an epidemic by 2019, with demonic assurance and clinical accuracy. Incidentally, Nigeria is mentioned as one of the nations who participated in the Simulation Model Experiment; just as the same nation is also one of the arrowheads spearheading the Central Bank Digital Currency following others like Brazil, China, Turkey, India etc.

Are you sure Nigeria has not been sold?
Have our officials collected money from the globalists? Whose interests are they serving, ours or theirs?

So, with another epidemic already planned for 2025, we know why cash is now being taken away, and why Digital Currency complete with Digital ID are being planned. This will be linked with your *vaccine status* so once you refuse to take the vaccine you have no money. You can no longer buy or sell. During the COVID-19 people refused the vaccines and still could survive by withdrawing their money. But now with Digital Currency fully automated, that would be impossible without ID which may be linked to vaccine status or passport. No buying or selling or travel. You are shut out of the global system.

Just like your account can be deleted on Facebook or YouTube based on violation of a nebulous Community Guidelines, so once you go against the new global rulers your money disappears. That is why you should worry.

“And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads:

And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”
_Revelation 13: 16,17_

Once the Central Bank Digital Currency comes on board unifying all payments, platforms and Digital IDs, then the next stage will be to harmonize for all the nations of the world by implanting on the skin of the right hand or forehead. And the cycle is complete.

That is the Davos Play Book by the WEF Globalists, turning the world upside down for the Beast.

And to think that my own CBN is working towards this agenda against me, and other citizens worries me. To think that one of my own, and an official of government is giving effect to a sinister scheme troubles me.

The mainstream media won’t go to this level of details either because they are not interested, or its hands are tied or padlocked. But this is where we are headed to; and the CBN has started in that direction. The Church in this nation is fast asleep. CAN (Christian Association of Nigeria) may even condemn this article, that is how far we are to reality. However, I know well enough that Muslims take their own Faith much more seriously. As such, this relevant information is for you too, and it will serve you well. Get ready and fight for yourself. Don’t be slaves of globalists and the International Corporatocracy.

The Civil Society groups are now fully compromised and purchasable. NLC is a toothless dragon, ASUU is war weary, wounded in battle and is still licking its wounds. So who will lead us in this battle?

*Once again I ask the question: Who does Godwin Emefiele work for?*

Good afternoon, Nigerians.

© Moses Oludele Idowu
24th January, 2023
All Rights Reserved

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