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We have given police, Army power to be ruthless – Buhari

By Barakat Odegbola

President Muhammadu Buhari has disclosed that approval has been given to Nigerian Army and Police Force to deploy every means necessary in safeguarding Nigeria’s territorial integrity from internal and external aggression and that both security agencies have been authorised to deal ruthlessly with criminals, bandits, gunmen and others bent on disrupting peace in communities across the nation.

He said that the approval followed the rising insecurity across the country and that his office can no longer fold its hands and allow some elements destroy the country through killings, Kidnapping and other forms of crime been committed across communities in Nigeria.

Speaking during a live interview earlier on Thursday, the president stated that security agencies may become necessary ruthless in their engagement towards fighting these people causing unrest and havoc across the nation and that by the approval or power confide on both Army and men of Nigerian Police, the security agency would do everything possible to fish them out.

Buhari explained that in other to end violence and crime across the country, it has become necessary for the law enforcement agencies to be merciless with bandits and vandals terrorizing innocent citizens across the country.

He stated that he had told the security agencies to treat bandits, kidnappers and other criminals disrupting the peaceful coexistence across the country particularly in North West and North Central zones in a manner that they would understand perfectly.

The president urged victims and non-victims of the attacks to exercise patience and watched how activities of the security agencies would begin to restore normalcy in the nation especially within the troubled zones where many had been displaced after the attackers destroyed their structures.

Speaking further, Buhari argued that the country cannot afford to bear the consequences of another famine, that could arise if the activities of bandits that had continued to send people away from their farmland were not checked urgently, saying not dealing with the bandits and other terrorist threats could result in starving people and which could lead the nation into trouble.

“Problem in the north-west, you have people of the same culture over there, killing each other, stealing each other’s cattle and burning each other’s villages. As I said, we are going to treat them in the language they understand. We have given the police and the military the power to be ruthless. You watch it in a few weeks’ time there will be the difference.”

”Because we told them if we keep people away from their farm, we are going to starve. And the government can’t control the public. If you allow hunger, the government is going to be in trouble and we don’t want to be in trouble. We eare already in enough trouble. So we warn them sooner than later you’ll see the difference,’’ he added.


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