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US approves Ventilators, other coronavirus relief aids to Ecuador

By Temitope Akintoye,

The American Government has revealed that it would send ventilators to the Republic of Ecuador with aim to aid the country in its fight against the global coronavirus pandemic.

It said that the ventilators, as well as other covid-19 relief, would be made available to the South American country in order to bolster its response to the deadly viral infection within its borders.

The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, who made the announcement through a post on his social media page on Friday, disclosed that the decision had been taken following discussions with the Ecuadorian President, Lenin Moreno.

Trump stated that the country was in dire need of ventilators to aid its coronavirus response and added that America would supply the machines from its recently manufactured stock.

Though the president did not specify when the relief package would be sent, he assured Ecuadorians that his administration would also provide more support to the country in its fight against the viral pandemic.

“Great conversation with President Lenin Moreno of the Republic of Ecuador. We will be sending them desperately needed Ventilators, of which we have recently manufactured many, and helping them in other ways. They are fighting hard against CoronaVirus!”

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