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U.S extends North Korea travel ban over foreigners’ detention

By News Desk

The U.S. State has for the third time extended travel ban imposed on North Korea for another year over continued arrest and long-term detention of foreigners including its citizens in the country.

As gathered, the move by the US government followed death of Otto Warmbier, who died six days after he returned home following his release from North Korea in June three years ago.

Through a statement posted on the U.S. Federal Register website, the government described the country as unsafe for travellers and urged its citizens not to visit the country.

“The Department of State has determined that there continues to be a serious risk to United States citizens and nationals of arrest and long-term detention representing an imminent danger to their physical safety.


“Accordingly, all United States passports shall remain invalid for travel to, in, or through the DPRK unless specially validated for such travel,” it added.


Separately, the State Department maintains the highest level-4 or Do Not Travel travel advisory on the North, partly because of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to its own website.

“Do not travel to North Korea due to COVID-19 and the serious risk of arrest and long-term detention of U.S. nationals,” says the travel advisory, dated Aug. 6.

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