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Tunisia suspends all international flights, seal borders over coronavirus

By NewsDesk,

The Tunisian Government has disclosed that it is set to indefinitely suspend all international flights to and from the country in a bid to curb possible entrance of coronavirus infected passengers and that it would, in addition, seal all its land borders, thus preventiing entrance or exit from the country through any of its ports of entry.

It explained that the decision had become necessary due to rampant incidence of the deadly coronavirus infection in several countries around the world, as well as the rising number of cases being reported daily from several other countries.

According to the Tunisian Prime Minister, Elyes Fakhfakh, the government placed premium on the health and well being of its people, and as such took the decision to isolate the country from possible contaminants so as to effectively curb the global pandemic within its borders.

Fakhfakh, speaking to newsmen on Monday, expressed his optimism that the decision would markedly increase the country’s chances of subduing the disease, and called on Tunisians to give full support to the government’s policies.

He reiterated that though it was expected that the borders closure and flight restriction would place some strain of the people, the measures had been agreed upon as the best path to follow in the country’s fight against the novel coronavirus, and that such constrains could only last for a short while till the coronavirus threat was effectively subdued.

The prime minister added that all public gatherings, markets and social functions were banned from holding, and that state employee work hours would also be reduced so that people could spend more time in the safe confines of their homes.

Fakhfakh urged Tunisians to observe high levels of personal hygiene and wash their hands regularly, adding that anyone who notices symptoms of the viral respiratory infection should inform the health authorities and self quarantine till state authorities arrive to administer proper tests and treatment procedures.

He expressed belief that Tunisia would overcome the global pandemic threat and implored its people to bear with the government through such trying times.

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