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Transport association digital COVID-19 travel pass set for unveiling

International Air Transport Association (IATA) has announced that its digital COVID-19 Travel Pass will be ready within weeks.  IATA said the travel pass is essentially a digital health passport that will help increase safe travel to aid governments in keeping track of those who have had the coronavirus vaccine.

It said  the roll out of the digital pass might stimulate travel this summer. This is being aided by the success of vaccine roll-outs.  However, low traveller confidence may still stop many from travelling.

The IATA travel pass confirms if a passenger has had the appropriate COVID-19 tests or vaccines required before entering a country, this will assure travelers that there will be no sudden surprises when they enter the destination, such as restrictions on movement.

IATA’s Travel Pass is not the golden ticket to an instant recovery for the global travel sector, but it will no doubt help. According to industry data, international air arrivals decreased by 48.1 per cent YOY (Year-Over-Year) in 2020. Due to this unprecedented drop in demand, which has now continued into the start of 2021, ongoing testing, tracing and vaccinations roll-outs will need to be continued alongside the implementation of the digital COVID-19 Travel Pass in order to ensure a strong and sustained recovery.


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