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Tour operators decry infrastructure decay at Ikogosi resort, suggest renovation

Some  tour operators in Nigeria  have called on  the Ekiti State Governor Kayode Fayemi to renovate the Ikogosi Warm Spring and  Resort, a tourism and leisure facility in the state, owned by the state government.   The tour operators, who recently visited the resort, said the resort was in bad state and in need of urgent intervention.

One of them, Omotoke Tour, who recently visited the resort this January complained about the current dilapidated condition of the once famous resort. She said: “Ikogosi Warm Spring and Resort is in shambles. When I visited the resort in 2019, it was one of the destinations I was proud of. I came with a visitor to lodge (now)  and it’s actually the worst experience we had for the past of this tour.

“Something needs to be done here. It is sad how maintenance has become a huge problem. No light, no water, dirty room, dirty bedspread and towel. The reception building has collapsed and the walkway is no longer walk able,” she noted.

Another tour operator, Bolaji Seun, who visited the resort last year, had this to say: “I was at the Ikogosi Warm Springs with a friend of mine whom I tour guided around Ekiti.

“I’m happy that the Ekiti State Governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, is actually constructing roads within state, and I am also impressed with the renovation of the Fajuyi Memorial Park.

“However, I want to appeal to the state government to renovate the Ikogosi Warm Springs. It has been neglected and abandoned, the gym room, the walkway, and some places within the Ikogosi Warm Springs are damaged and rusting.

“Ikogosi Warm Springs, is a State owned tourist site, and it’s generating revenue for the state government, and also a source of employment opportunities to some youths in the state.

“Yet, the following are the observations affecting the site; poor maintenance; poor management; unfavourable government policies and tour charges. However, it is worthy to note that the road leading to the warm and cold spring is under construction

This is why something needs to be done in order to make Ikogosi Warm Spring a great destination in Nigeria. There is the need for an urgent improvement.”




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