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Tiwa Savage, sex tape and social media

By Wale Olayanju


I finally see “Tiwa s*xtape” today!

A friend was talking about it on his status and I requested for it. As in ganni afiji. Iroyin o t’afojuba…

Well, it turned out to be a 30-sec clip with one lanky beau and his belle doing it in a sitting doggy style.

If you are a night clubber, chanced are that you have seen this position many times. Here, the lady sits on a chair facing the backrest, with the guy ramming into and hammering her from the back.

I particularly like the position because it allows for deep penetration. It is also not too stressfully for ladies (especially the lazy ones) as it allows them to rest their head while taking all the “assaults” from behind.

It is somewhat difficult for ladies to keep quiet when they are being ponronised in this position. The scintillating effect goes through the body leaving no area untouched.

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So, watch it! You are likely to be treated to all manners of “innuendoes” ranging from moans to dirty talks, growling, purring,
squeaking, screaming and even swearing.

Oh Lord, we thank thee for creating s*x. Amen?

Well, when I received the clip, I first looked for my headset. The way some of these girls shout when they are being ponronised these day too dey taya person. They nor dey do swallow for outside, but wetin dem dey swallow inside pass trailer. Wetin nah?

Anyway, back to the clip. While watching it, the first thing that gave it away was the guy. Though a short clip, I knew I have “seen” the guy somewhere before.

I then remembered! This guy has an IG page and I’d stumbled on him years back. And he has not changed that much.

So, the guy is actually a p*orn actor and that lady is one of his girls!

I have seen pictures of some girls that actually look very much like Tiwa online and this girl is one of them.

So, that viral video is fake and the lady therein is not Tiwa! That clip itself has been online for years. So, it couldn’t have been new.

In case you want to dig more on this guy and the girl, you can go on IG (and/or Google) and search for Turnupmonsters and/or Fellarunitall. You can also search for them on SnapChat. I want to however warn you to be prepared for whatever you see.

In summary, the viral video is FAKE!

Having said that, I really don’t believe there is any s*xtape anywhere. Tiwa lost her bf some 3 months ago and it will be f*olish of her to be having s*x on tape with a man she’s just met. Even if you are not a celebrity, you need to build some level of trust in somebody before you start doing something “natural” with him.

While I do not see anything natural in having s*x on tape, I believe she is matured enough to face the consequence, if any. So, she is free to do her bits in her privacy.

So, what do I think?

I see the whole stuff as publicity stunt. Even, if a blackmailer confronts her with such a claim, I wouldn’t believe she would come out herself to spill the beans. It is easy to deny some of these things in this our new era. She could dare him to release it and claim that it was a Photoshop. After all, a Kano evangelist was allegedly caught on tape stuffing his black suits with bundle of CFA Francs and he denied it. And that was the end!

Why should she come out with such a claim, you may ask?

Well, these celebs can do anything to trend and remain in the news. About two years ago, an obituary was posted of one of them, which later turned out to be a farce. So, they can do anything.

I also learnt the video of her new work, Somebody’s son, will be out this week. She may be doing this for clout chasing. The more clicks on your YouTube videos, the more money in your account…

Anyways, that is my opinion. I may be right and I may be wrong.

Do have a great week!

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