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Tinubu may miss PCC members’ inauguration

By Abdulwaheed Usamah

Speculations that often tie All Progressive Congress (APC) Presidential Candidate, Bola Tinubu, trip abroad on medicals, may no longer be new to the public, particularly to his loyalists and supporters who said they would go to any length to defend Tinubu this time around, should news of him to had left the country turns out true.

Even though they were not pre-briefed about the man’s itinerary,  his supporters believe that the man needs to take a break to attend to other stuff pending since he is about to be faced with a tight schedule and campaign marathon, lying before the APC presidential candidate and his team.

His jetting out of the country, according to them, is connected with preparation for the presidential election campaign and other engagements that could bring the man victory during next year’s election.

The Guild learnt that Tinubu left the country on Sunday night, though his destination was not disclosed to the public, meanwhile, some quarter of the APC and his close allies knew the presidential candidate would not be able to make it to his Presidential Campaign Council (PCC) members inauguration after it was postponed indefinitely.

One of the supporters from the north, who spoke to The Guild on Tuesday and pleaded not to be mentioned, claimed that she gathered from his strong source that Tinubu left Nigeria for abroad on  Sunday for several meetings and engagements that would help the campaign and victory.

She indicated that there were loads of works requiring Tinubu’s personal attention in ensuring every stakeholder were been carried along during and after elections.

“Some of us know that man has traveled. We know that he needs it and people should stop tieing Tinubu’s traveling to medical, the woman added.

She said: “Is it every timeTinubu travels abroad that the purpose is for medical? This man works tirelessly days and night, and if he travels outside the country, it does not mean”

She hinted that the APC presidential flagbearer would not be able to attend the PCC’s members’ inauguration even though there were grievances against the list of members announced over the weekend which resulted in the need for an adjustment.

Another supporter who prefer his identity to be kept away from the public stated that Tinubu’s loyal followers were not aware of his absence in the country and that they would continue spreading gospel about the man’s candidacy.

He said that the APC presidential candidate’s well-being is more important to the loyal supporters and that those who were fond of tagging Tinubu’s trips to medical whenever he travels abroad need to desist from such action.

It is evil to wish bad for fellow human beings irrespective of age as well as gender and people who are fond of doing such should rethink their actions.

“Tinubu is a man of the people and that is who Nigerians need to boost our economy”.

Meanwhile, sources closer to the APC presidential candidate confirmed the man had left the country but refused to give details of his whereabouts to avoid wrong interpretations.

They claimed that Tinubu would tell the public of his whereabouts when it is time and that he may cut short his stay due to controversy hitting his PCC members list, particularly from aggrieved APC governors who felt they were been ridiculed by placing  Chairman of  Bariga Local Council Development Area, Kolade Alabi, above them and serving ministers.

One of the sources, under anonymous, hinted that APC  governors had registered their displeasures on behalf of their colleagues against such order and that complaints may require Tinubu and his team’s direct attention.

The source explained that the APC presidential candidate’s abroad trip was impromptu traveling, which would make him even miss out on the inauguration of members on PCC’s list.

He claimed that the man’s trip has nothing to do with medical contrary to what were been speculated in the media and that the public should stop entertaining rumours from other sides of social media.

According to him, Tinubu is not in the country presently but his traveling has nothing to do with medical as claimed in the media.

“He has traveled for meetings but not for medical, he has a lot of activities outside the country that require his personal attention”.

“At a period like this, it is a critical moment for any presidential candidate to have engagements both in the country and abroad. He or she must be able to balance both to ensure one does not outweigh the other”, he said.

Whether the crisis rocking APC after the PCC list was released over the weekend is resolvable, another source indicated Tinubu would do the needful to ensure aggrieved members of the party were given a fair hearing and meet their demands.

He agreed that the list had generated a series of controversies from several quarters of  APC who felt the PCC was not balanced and that some factors were not well considered before names were been hurriedly put together on the lists.

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