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Thousands of tourists, Chileans displace on Christmas eve

By News Desk

Thousands of tourists and Chilean citizens have been displaced when a fire disaster in a poor neighborhood of coastal city of Valparaíso destroyed dozens of houses and other property worth millions of United State dollars.

It was gathered that tourists and inhabitants of Valparaiso, a place known for its colorful wood-frame houses and is popular among tourists in the South American country, fled their homes in the middle of Christmas Eve festivities, some losing all their belongings and even pets.

The Guild learned that firefighters deployed to the scene, due to intensity of the inferno, struggled to control the blaze and heats oozing out from the buildings already gutted by fire.

“The entire Valparaíso Fire Department with support from neighboring units is deployed. The fire has consumed about 50 homes,” firefighters said on Twitter. Two nearby neighborhoods were being evacuated, they said.

Efforts to put out the fire did not yield any positive results because the blaze, fed by high Southern Hemisphere summer temperatures and strong winds, started in a forested area and spread to the city, firefighters said.

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