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The Legends’ era and Anthony Joshua’s riches

By Kunle Awosiyan

In Muhammad Ali’s era, the legends were Joe Frazier, George Former and later Larry Holmes.

They fought more than 50 bouts, losing some winning many but earning so little until Ali broke the jinx, turning boxing to a money spinning game.

Mike Tyson improved on the business and changed the game with his ferocious and bullying style, knocking his opponents down and ending the match before some spectators would settle down in their seats.

He fought quality boxers in his time, including the legends of his era, like Lennox Lewis, Evander Holyfield, Riddick Bowe. These and many greats dominated this heavyweight division.

Boxing became drab when the Klitschko brothers, Wladimir and Vitali took over. They dominated the division for almost a decade until this present era of Tyson Fury.

Each time I see the pictures of Fury as the best in heavyweight division, the memory of the past always flies into mind. Not that Fury is not good, he wouldn’t have got any chance against any of the legends of the past.

The number of heavyweight fights reduces from the days of Ali who fought about 56 and George Former who recorded over 60 bouts.

Mike Tyson also fought 50 while Holyfield fought over 60 losing 10 of it with two draws and one no contest.

Today, the best of the heavyweight, Fury, had only fought 33 and he is thinking of retirement, the current unified champion, Oleksandr Usyk has got 19 professional fights and the highest so far is Deontay Wilder, 45 bouts.

Wilder was able to get to this mark because there were no quality boxers, a big vacuum was created after the exit of the Klitschkos while indiscipline took away Fury’s boxing licence.

Even Anthony Joshua had only fought 27 and looking so tired now to continue. Joshua is so rich now that he wants to save his skin from getting damaged.

I saw his faceoff against Usyk and I wasn’t so impress. His appearance was casual. His utterances reveals a man that will depend more on tactics than power.

His coaches should note that Joshua’s best fights were not won by tactics but also power. I pray his new coaches could understand this that Joshua would not defeat Usyk by tactics but a combination of tactics and raw power.

Joshua is seeking a third time comeback. If he succeeds, he will join Ali and Holyfield as three-time heavyweight champion record holders but may not belong to the class of the legends by his number of fights and his richman attitude inside and outside the ring.

Kunle Awosiyan is a journalist based in Lagos

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