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Sunday Igboho threatens to takeover Lagos ports, S-West land borders

By Monsurudeen Olowoopejo

Yoruba activist, Sunday Adeyemo, popularly called Sunday Igboho, has threatened to sack the Apapa and Tin Can Ports leadership and takeover control of the entire land borders in South-West states, to mark the start of Yoruba secession plans.

Igboho stated that the Yorubas were allegedly been marginalised by the Federal Government in the control of their resources and that the action has affected the development of the region.

The activist, meanwhile, appealed to Yorubas in the northern region to return home and take control of activities in their hometown which he claimed have been occupied by the Fulanis.

He disclosed the plans while addressing pressmen on the ravaging issue of Herdsmen and insurgency across the country at the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-Determination, (NINAS), event before Prof Banji Akintoye read NINAS stance on the expiration of the group’s 90-Day Notice of grave constitutional grievances issued to the apex government.

Igboho appealed to International Agencies including the United Nations (UN) to interfere and support the Yoruba secession plans before the ethnic group embarking on actions that could result in a breakdown of law and order across the country.

In a video clip monitor by The Guild, he argued further that the Yorubas were not ready to back down on their fight for Odudua Nation and that all efforts would be geared towards its actualisation henceforth.

Igboho, who spoke in Yoruba, argued that the level of insecurity within the South-West region of the country has nosedived and was already affecting the peace and harmony that previously existed between the indigenes and their visitors.

“We Yoruba’s cannot talk nor breathe, even staying in our houses our walking on the streets have become unsafe. What exactly is the problem, are we slaves, We have chosen the wrong leaders and we do not want them to govern us anymore”.

He argued that the Fulanis, who were accommodated following the insurgency affecting the north, have allegedly become a threat to their landlords.

“For instance, all the heads in Apapa and Tin Can Ports are Fulanis, they also take control of all the airports in the country as well as all borders.

“We Yoruba indigenes would organize a meeting on how to reopen all our borders, for the importation of goods, foods, and others with ease.

“We are saying that we are not under the Federal Government of Nigeria anymore and that we are going to reopen all the Yoruba state’s borders closed by the government.

“I am speaking on behalf of all Yoruba indigenes, and for people saying Yoruba’s are not united, I am here saying that all Yoruba’s are United, and if you all want to confirm how united we are, then try to mistreat one Yoruba indigene, You would then be surprised that we are backed by all the kings of Yoruba land.

“Any king that says is not supporting our decisions, should make a statement through a video for the public, I promise you such king will not witness the next day.

“I urge all the Yoruba’s in the North to return back home, we have suffered enough and this is high time for you all to return back to your father’s land.

“I also want to advise all Yorubas to remain united as we use to be, and not to fight or have grudges for one another, we should all be united”.

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