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Sunday Igboho: Oyo Govt. and victimization of the prophet

By Lekan Oladipupo

I stand as an ardent Omo Yoruba atata and a Jingoist to my tribe in registering my miffed mind on the present security architecture in Oyo State most especially the Ibarapa zone.

Subject to the recent Outburst by the popular activist and business mogul, Sunday Igboho, on the recent kidnapping and Killing of our Yoruba kinsmen in Ibarapa axis of the state. There has been a lot of reactions, criticisms both the destructive and constructive ones on his outburst during his recent visit to the Sarkin Fulani in Igangan in which he gave them a seven-day ultimatum to produce the brains behind the kidnapping of our fellow kinsmen.

Following his Outburst, the Chief Security Officer of the state, in his Press Release on BCOS yesterday asserted that no one should instill fear on anyone by issuing a seven-day ultimatum to the Fulani herdsmen that has transmogrified into Darandaran. We have seen a large number of acclaimed “Yoruba-ronu sycophants” yelling at Igboho over his actions. Some individuals keep reiterating the aftermath of the actions. Should we say that if one of the relatives of these acclaimed sycophants was once victims of circumstances from these miscreants will they be in a silent mode like this?

On the other hand, it should be expressly stated that the issue at hand is beyond politics and political affiliations. There are individuals who as a result of their political affiliations decided to keep mute at the detriment of their fellow kinsmen being murdered. Politicking has turned us against our own tribe. Our so-called leaders find it difficult to talk due to their political affiliations or political agenda. Posterity will judge all accordingly.

The Yoruba Ronu advocate should see this as a real struggle that requires a collective effort. The entirety of Southwest is in a real mess.

Without caring whose ox is gored, if madness they want we must give them. Historically, the constant attack by the Fulani herdsmen could be traceable to several years ago. History will still take us back to Fulani and Yoruba war in Osogbo of 1840 and other constant attacks on our people to date. Should we keep mute till they kill us all? Without much ado, what Sunday Igboho has done is what any sane Yoruba man will do for his fellow kinsmen.

Some months ago, we heard about how a king was murdered in Ondo State and none of our so-called traditional rulers has taken drastic actions against it. If a king could be murdered in such a manner, what then is prone to happen to an ordinary individual who has little or nothing to defend him or herself. Against the backdrop of this, we heard about how a king in Ibarapa needed to pay a ransom of four Million naira to the Fulani bandit before they could release his daughter from captivity, we have heard about the instances of a doctor who was murdered on her farmland after coming from Oversea to settle down and other cases of our mothers been raped on their farmland by this people.

If the Government is acting as if all is well, should we also continue to act as if all is well when it is not? That will be impossible as the man in him died he who refused to speak in the face of Tyranny. Will the Governor of Oyo State be as lackadaisical as this, if one of his close family members were the one been kidnapped by this group of herdsmen.

However, above all, the state Governor, Seyi Makinde, should understand that his populist view this time around may not hold any water. The security architecture in Oyo state is in shambles. Had it been that he is responsive and responsible enough to the yearning of his people, Sunday Igboho wouldn’t have been the one to sit on the barricade, defend his Kinsmen.

If Bembe Aladisa who is dubbed as the Chief Press Secretary to the state governor has briefed the number of citizens on the present security architecture, he wouldn’t have released that gibberish and watery press release he passed out. If the security advisers to the governor and all security agencies in the state were responsive enough the Governor wouldn’t have gone on Air saying whats is against the general public opinion.

As a student of politics, one thing any responsive and responsible government should take a cursory look at when making is the effect of public opinion.

The Oyo state government must stand on the path of the unpopular opinion by supporting the little minority than the majority who happen to be his Kinsmen. The Oyo State Government under the leadership of Seyi Makinde should understand that in the aspect of Security, his administration has not done well.

To sum it all instead of the governor coming on-air and be sending an indirect clear warning to Sunday Igboho, he should rather work on the failed security architecture in Oyo state. The Situation has worsened to the extent that you hardly see any Police outlets that the Fulanis doesn’t have connections with the top officials.

They are cheating us on our native land and the government is not proactive enough and the least the government could do is to support them indirectly. Even if there will be a press release to address such issues, there are many ways to handle the issues without offending any side since the Governor has decided not to offend the Fulani. We have the Ibos, the real Hausa,

The Egbira, and other ethnic group in the Southwest part of Nigeria and Oyo State, why then is it that the Fulanis are our National anthem, it shows that something is wrong somewhere. If the Government can’t defend us, defending ourselves shouldn’t be a crime.


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