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Special ways to spice up rice during weddings, others

Fried rice, plantain with peppered chicken

Fried rice, plantain with peppered chicken(UNKitchen)

For a easy procedure, make use of parboiled rice. If you do not have already parboiled rice, you can see how to do that here. It is more convenient to use a day old rice that has been refrigerated, which will give same result as the parboiled rice.

I also cooked this parboiled rice in a bit of well-seasoned stock so that the rice can absorb more flavor. However, this step can be skipped if you are in a hurry.

  • Add a dash of cayenne pepper if you like some heat!
  • Do not over boil your Rice before frying it, otherwise, you will end up with soggy fried rice.
  • Fried rice is best enjoyed when the Veggies remain crunchy, so do not overcook your veggies.
  • I used mixed veggies which consist of carrots, sweet peas, sweet corn, and green beans. However, vegetables like sweet bell peppers can also be used.
  • In order to achieve that nice coveted crisp, you will need to turn up the heat during the frying process and stir continuously as you allow the rice to heat up.
  • I added pieces of beef liver to my fried Rice, a lot of people like this as well, but if you do not want it you are free to leave it out, you will still enjoy the total goodness of the Fried Rice.
  • When making this Fried Rice, it is best to use Chicken stock or Turkey stock because of their mild taste. The beef stock should be avoided as it can overpower the taste of the fried rice.

Fried rice, jollof rice, boiled egg, salad and plantain

Fried rice, jollof rice, boiled egg, salad and plantain(UNKitchen)

Salad seems to be the easiest meal to prepare, once you have your cucumber, cabbage, carrot, and mayonnaise to get the creamy taste. Dice all the vegetable and serve with rice. According to Nutritionist, it is healthier to eat rice with vegetables.

Rice and beans, boiled egg, stew with turkey

Rice and beans, boiled egg, stew with turkey(UNKitchen)

The recipe come handy when you have beans, preferable cook the beans then pour your rice in the half-cooked beans, to get this.

You can also make a separate bowl of beans and add plain cooked rice.

Boiled rice and pomo sauced stew(UNKitchen)
Jollof rice and goat meat(UNKitchen)


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