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Southern, middle-belt leaders move against 2023 election, request referendum

By Monsurudeen Olowoopejo

The leaders of Southern Nigeria and Middle-Belt, under the auspices of the Nigerian Indigenous Nationalities Alliance for Self-determination (NINAS), have declared readiness to adopt all strategies to ensure the 2023 general election does not hold without the apex government organising a referendum for self-determination of each region in Nigeria.

They said that the referendum would serve as a route for anyone or constituent Blocs that were not satisfied with the composition of Nigeria and seek freedom from being a citizen of the country.

The leaders, who expressed their displeasure over protracted challenges confronting the country, described the general elections as a medium through which political parties use to cajole Nigerians and push deliberations on solutions to challenges confronting the country aside, saying we do not need election rather it is time to conduct a referendum for each region.

NINAS leaders’ declaration came after the expiration of 120-day ultimatum issued to the Federal Government, requesting that the apex government attend to their demand of self-determination, otherwise they would begin processes of repudiating the 1999 Constitutions and assert their independence.

Speaking at a press briefing on Tuesday, the chairman of NINAS, Prof. Banji Akintoye, also called for the complete abolition of the current 1999 Constitution, describing it as an agent that had continued to affect the wheel of development across the country.

Others at the forum on the 120-day expiration of the Constitutional Force Majure Notice to states in the South and Middle Belt of Nigeria and One Million Match to the United Nations General Assembly in September were Yusufu Turaki, Wale Adeniran, Dr Rotimi Olokodana, Barr. Tony Nnadi, Folashade Olukoya, Don Pedro Obaseki, Ogbo Awoke, Maxwell Adeleye, ANIPR, Jean Onaguluchi,

Akintoye, in the speech read by Obaseki, argued that elections were the mechanism by which the life of the 1999 Constitution was renewed once every four years.

“It follows therefore that those who are tormented by that Constitution but who nevertheless accept to go to another round of National Elections under that Constitution are the ones renewing and reinforcing their own Damnation, Bondage, and Enslavement. 

“It is now, therefore, a matter of choice whether we want to Renew the Source of our Miseries once again in 2023 or we want to Free Ourselves by Rejecting NOW (inside 2021), the Invitation to join in the Preparation for another round of National Elections in 2023. These Cycles of Renewal  Must be Broken if we Must Be Free.

“The Political Parties have in this regard become the Judas Goat that routinely leads us all to Slaughter. The Key to Taking Down the 1999 Constitution is in immediately halting the Political Parties from Dragging us to another Round of National Elections in 2023. This is not a call to boycott the 2023 Elections but to halt the preparations for 2023 inside 2021. Political Parties must now be persuaded to Close Shop forthwith.

“On the other hand, if we halt the Voyage to 2023  inside 2021, the 1999 Constitution will lose its life inside 2021, and we will immediately get into a Transitioning and therefore on the way to Regional REFERENDUMS for Self-Determination. This is the safe route to freedom for all Constituent Blocs that are fed up with the Toxic Nigerian Union.

“Amidst the Massive Enlightenment Campaign going on amongst Peoples of the Alliance Territory Globally concerning the correlation between the 1999 Constitution, our Miseries, Elections, and Political Parties, more of our People now know that going to General Elections in 2023 under the 1999 Constitution will spell Unmitigated Disaster while halting the Preparations by Political Parties for 2023 is a guarantee for their escape to freedom.

“On the side of Government, let it be known that it is the spectre of 2023 Elections that distorts and inhibits most of what would have been appropriate and commonsense solutions to the multitudes of seemingly intractable problems of Nigeria.

“So let it be sounded loud and clear that the immediate suspension of preparations towards  General Elections in 2023 is the most urgently required First Aid to Nigeria that is currently bleeding profusely from all sides. And for every single day, this Emergency First Aid is delayed, the risk of the catastrophic implosion of Nigeria is exponentially increased” he added.

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