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Six factory workers die during chemical plant explosion in Slovenia


No fewer than six factory workers have been reported dead, while five others sustained varying degrees of injuries when a section a section of a chemical plant exploded in Slovenia.

The explosion was said to have taken place in the Kocevje town at the Melanin plant which produces several chemicals, including paints, rubber for several other industries, this section was believed to have been responsible for the explosion that had crippled production at the chemical plant.

On hearing the incident, the firefighters agency quickly intervened and extinguished the fire, while the army, who were also on standby, decontaminated the surrounding of the area, to prevent further explosion.

According to the police, six bodies were recovered from the scene while five factory workers, who sustained injuries, were currently at the hospital receiving treatments.

Speaking with the newsmen, the General Manager of Melanin factory, Srecko Stefanic, said that the explosion was due to an human error and that investigations have been launched to ascertain major cause of the fire at the plant.

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