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See how people are protecting themselves against coronavirus

By Temitope Akintoye,

Following global outbreak of contagious viral infection, coronavirus, and consequential shortages in preventive medical supplies such as face masks, hand sanitizers and others, in various countries around the world, people have resorted to diverse ways of protecting themselves from possible spread of the pandemic.

See below pictures of some persons who are trying to avoid contacting the viral infection:

Darth-Vader goes shopping in his peresonal self isolation suit!


Nothing to see here…just horse-head guy.


Got your own skinsuit and oxygen tank? Stay safe!


Nothing trumps a DIY face mask in keeping germs out.

Well…she did have the right idea.


Sexy cat-suit lady…slaying while staying safe.


If you want to know what it feels like living in a fish bubble…here, have a peek.


Violent much?


When you know nothing goes to waste, key is staying safe.




Nuff’said, this girl takes the cake!!!

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