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Sanusi’s popularity jumps, gains Nigerians sympathy after dethronement

By NewsDesk,

Following the Kano State Government recent action that led to the state’s former Emir, Muhamadu Sanusi, dethronement, there have been series of reactions from the public, mostly against the action, such that have given the embattled Emir more popularity than ever, particularly after the government announced his banishment from Kano.

Apart from the overnight popularity, sea of Nigerians, who believed that the Emir did not deserve the public humiliation being demonstrated by the state government, maintained that Sanusi would overcome the difficult times and that he needs Nigerians’ prayers.

Those who had been exhibiting sympathy towards the Kano former Emir’s situation, upheld that the man should not have been treated in the manner the state government had determined his fate, knowing fully well that Sanusi was an asset to Kano state and Nigeria at large.

From Sanusi’s deposition as Emir of Kano and banishment from the state, concerns of Nigerians, who had threw support behind the former traditional ruler, both online and offline, were that if the former traditional ruler with his level of patriotism for his state and Nigeria as a whole could be removed without due process, it means Nigerian government system would continue failing irrespective of level of literacy.

While ordinary Nigerians described the Kano state government actions towards the former Emir as immature, the political class who believe it is a state affair, maintained some level of decorum except the former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, who sympathised with Sanusi through an open letter.

For the Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP), the actions of Kano state government was inappropriate and inhumane, just as people across social media platforms have not ceased condemning Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje, for being too extreme over the matter.

Although, the state government had accused the deposed Emir of being disrespectful to lawful institutions from authorities and that Sanusi was fond of not attending state functions and meetings whenever invitation was being extended to his palace.

Through a statement issued by the state government on the dethronement, it was established that Sanusi was found breaching part 3 section 13 (a-e) of the Kano state Emirate Law 2019 and that if it is not checked could destroy good and established image of the Kano Emirate.

The state government claimed that the removal of Sanusi was made after due consultation with relevant stakeholders and that the action was in compliance with part 3 section, 13 of the Kano state Emirate law and order reasons stated above.

“The removal is reached in order to safeguard the sanctity, culture, tradition, religion and prestige of the Kano Emirate built over a thousand years,”

“This removal is made after due consultation with the relevant stakeholders and in compliance with part 3 section, 13 of the Kano state Emirate law and order reasons stated above”.

But in his response, Sanusi, who refrained from apportioning blames to the state government, expressed appreciation for the six years in which he had ruled as Emir of Kano and stated his belief in God’s supremacy over the affairs of men, saying that incidence of his dethronement was divinely ordained, and that he held no anger in his heart against anyone.

The former traditional leader, who made his speech through a recorded video, assured the public that he had accepted his fate and called on the public to maintain peace and decorum while urging other traditional leaders and palace officials to support whoever emerged as new Emir in his place.

“We enjoin everyone to remain peaceful. We have directed our family, our children and those that support us that whoever gets it and is endorsed by the people they should pay allegiance to him,”

“They should follow him (the new emir). They should guard his honour and dignity because that is also the honour and dignity of this palace”.

Meanwhile, release of a video statement from the dethroned Emir further generated more outcry against Kano state government actions, with several statements of solidarity to Sanusi being released by notable Nigerians decrying the government treatment of the former ruler.

Obasanjo, who extended his solidarity to the former Emir,  said that the state action against Sanusi was undeserved and also good that the traditional ruler had paid price , but that he still held the former traditional ruler in high regard of his person and character.

The former president urged Sanusi to remain on his chosen path of truth, which Obasanjo maintained was in best interest of the country and all of humanity.

“My prayer is that God should give you the fortitude and courage to continue on the path that you have chosen for yourself in the best interest of our country and humanity”.

Similarly, the Publisher, Ovation International Magazine, Dele Momodu, described the former Emir of Kano sack as unnecessary action that could have been sensitively managed without the state government going public and that the development was an indication of in fighting in the state.

Momodu maintained optimistic that Sanusi would overcome the situation and that his removal from the throne could be blessing in disguise for greater opportunities.

However, with regards to the person of the former Emir, a northern interest group page on twitter, Arewa People, described Sanusi as a man of modernity and finest traditional rulers the country could boast of and that the man’s concerns have always been about  development of people.

The the group expressed its dissatisfaction over the Kano government decision, saying Sanusi had been a popular choice of the people and that the state government had tampered with will of Kano indigenes

“Our hearts remain with one of the finest Traditional ruler. Man of modernity and development. We know they don’t care about us and they don’t like those who care. Exile is not Exit”.

Besides, a popular musician, Charles Oputa, also tagged Sanusi as a hero and man of people, who’s strength and courage was visible in his unequivocal stance on truth, saying that such qualities were worthy of a great leader that he is.

The political activist urged Nigerians to emulate and follow example of the former Emir, stating that, patriotism must be about standing by the truth without fear or favour, just Sanusi had always demonstrated.

“Honesty, truth and compassion were admirable qualities through which Nigeria could be placed on path of true development.

“Why we go fear to raise our voices for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice lying and greed, why? We no wan die, abi? Nobody comes out of this Life, Alive? If all of us fit talk the truth like Sanusi, we for no enter dis One Chance”.

For a woman human rights activist, Aisha Yesufu, the Kano state government’s move in dethroning the Emir on charges of insurbordination was not a good justification for the action exhibited.

Yesufu maintained that insubordination would not be a good argument ground for the dethronement of Sanusi if the state governor had once been caught on camera allegedly receiving bribes from contractors.

On part of a Journalist and activist, Gimba Kakanda, Ganduje should have been put on trial for corruption charges over said video evidence and that raising questions on the governor’s moral right to dethrone the Emir.

On of Sanusi’s son,  Adam, who reached out to friends on social media after the his father’s removal from the Kano Emir palace, appreciated the concerns and good wishes that the family had been receiving from meaningful Nigerians, urging th former Emir’s supporters to refrain from attacking those taking sides with the government.

Adam, who described his father as his hero and mentor, assured that the former traditional ruler has full support of his family and that he intended to follow in the footsteps of his father to uphold truth no mater the consequences.

“My father once  said to me ‘when looking for change don’t look at which position is best for change, but bring positive change in the position you’re in, that’ll take you to the positions that you can make bigger changes’.

“He is my hero, and so I laugh at this situation knowing he’ll overcome it. Good-luck to the people of Kano/ in Kano you’ll always be in my prayers and In Shaa Allah I’ll one day, like him, take a major part in helping you all with or without a political appointment. Thank you so much again! May Allah bless and guide us all”.

The Guild gathered that positive social sentiments surrounding the deposed the14th Emir of Kano had grown significantly since incidence of his sack among Nigerians at home and abroad, with institutions such as the reputable Nnamdi Azikiwe University making announcement that it is set to confer honorary doctorate title on Sanusi at its upcoming 14th convocation ceremony, as well as a viral social media call for him to run for presidency come 2023.

Political organisations including of Coalition of United Political Parties (CUPP) urged Sanusi to challenge the state government’s action in court, saying the dethronement was in violation of former Emir’s constitutional rights and that if allowed to slide, would form basis for such continued acts of government in the future.

The coalition, which described Ganduje’s actions as illegal and unconstitutional, expressed its shock at the treatment which had been meted out to a man with the political, traditional and international influence like Sanusi.

CUPP, in a letter released through its spokesperson, Ikenga Ugochinyere, revealed that it had set aside Three Million Naira as its contribution towards legal fees in event that the embattled traditional leader takes its advice and sues Ganduje to court.

“This amount is an independent contribution to his (Sanusi) legal team to aid redress of these obnoxious barbaric attack on our constitutional democracy and traditional institutions by gang of incompetent and shameless institution destroyers,”

“We will challenge, as a group dedicated to the promotion of democracy, the banishment proclamation in court as such is a direct plot to enslave and hunt out of existence perceived enemies of the state”.

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