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Rivers Gov. lists conditions for council chairmen reelection

By Idowu Abdullahi,

The Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, has listed criteria that would be considered before Local Government Areas chairmen across the state would get reelection for a second spell in office.

He indicated that only council bosses who has demonstrated competence in office and have evidence of projects initiated and completed would qualify for re-election during his tenure.

The governor noted that since governance was about impact and bettering the lives of the governed, it was imperative for grassroots leaders, particularly the council chairmen to provide quality leadership considering their closeness to the people.

Speaking yesterday during the inauguration of the Isiopko Internal Roads Phase 2 in Ikwerre Local Government Area, performed by the 2019 Vice Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Peter Obi, Wike said that any council chairmen that fall short of impact would be denied reelection.

He hinted that thorough assessments would be carried out by his administration in identifying those council boss who merits reelection and that those identified would be supported in getting a deserving second term to consolidate on their achievements.

“Government is about what you can bring to your people. It is not what you will put in your pocket. People of Ikwerre Local Government and Isiopko, ask your people what they have brought back home for the good of the town.

“Some people came and said they’ll make Isiopko Azumba, I told them you can’t make it so. Today, you have all the roads within Isiopko community rehabilitated. All their plans have failed, and I am telling you now, from Ogbodo Town , I will link you to Isiodu Town in Emohua Local Government.

“I am moving now to Omerelu Community. I will do all the Internal Roads in that community. I have the money already set aside, and I will complete it. I am also not owing any contractor, handling any of our projects,” he said.

Furthermore, he disclosed that the Federal Government has refunded the N78 billion spent on federal projects to the state government’s covers.

The governor said that the refunded money would be deployed in providing more critical projects across the state to further drive the efforts at enhancing the socioeconomic life of Rivers people.

According to him, even if as it is my second tenure, I will continue to work relentlessly, for the interest of the state, and improve its stakes until it becomes what it should be.

“Rivers people, the Federal Government has refunded us the money. I have not touched a dim yet and it is in the bank. I will use it for project execution.

“I kept it to tell those who are making noise to know that I am going to work till the last day in office. I will continue to work for the interest of our people. I’m not resting.

“They need to know that I will make sure what is supposed to be done for the people of Rivers State is done. I will persist until we have improved and changed Rivers State and bring it back to what it’s supposed to be,” he said.

The governor noted that with his level of performance in office, it will be difficult for any other party to take Rivers State away from the PDP because the people know that such party can offer nothing to them.

Governor Wike said that he has conducted affairs of governance without discrimination, or being vindictive. According to him, this has been demonstrated by our inclusive policy in project distribution.

The governor stated that he has laid a good foundation of leadership by completing all the projects that he inherited from his predecessor and will complete all the projects that he initiated so that his successor will have a smooth sail in governance to initiate his projects and pursue them.

“No matter the tactics they deplore, no party can take Rivers State away from PDP. They have to convince the people why they need the support of Rivers people. It is already known, they have nothing to offer.

“We have something to offer and we have offered it to the people. They are angry that we are commissioning projects. Our business as a party is to make the other people to have serious high blood pressure.

“Anywhere they are now they are crying that we are in every local government inaugurating projects. We are not vindictive. We are a government that carries everybody along,” he stated.

On his part, the state’s Commissioner for Works, Elloka Tasie-Amadi, said that the road project started off as a 22.5 kilometer project but the governor approved that the expansion to become a total length of 26.9kilometer with 26kilometers of drains.

“Having previously commissioned Isiopko internal roads phase 1, today, we are commissioning phase 2 of the projects.

“The Phase 2 of the project accounts for 17. 7km of road network. All of which are 7.3meters wide with 9.78 kilometre of drains,” he said.

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