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Reopening Lagos schools, religious houses and COVID-19

By Akomolafe Akintude

*”…the mind was designed not to defend what we want, but to discover what is ultimately true, which should shape our wants and satisfy them more deeply with God. The purpose of the mind is not to rationalize subjective preferences, but to recognize objective reality and to help the heart revel in God.”* John Piper
COVID-19 is no doubt an unforeseen situation which has made life difficult across all spheres of life, leaving no part untouched, just as people struggle to make ends meat amidst the ravaging pandemic and a daily increase in number of cases detected it’s been a case of survival of the fittest. Just as the economic state has been negatively affected, our spiritual life has also been affected as a community who cherish congregational worship (irrespective of religion). Religious houses haven been put on lock and key since March, we have had no choice than to worship as individuals as this is better for us, it is therefore not out of place to say only those who are alive will be able to worship God.
Just as the number of cases are increasing on a daily basis, so is the doubt in the minds of people on the genuineness and authenticity of the “claim” that there is CORONA VIRUS in Nigeria. It’s really been challenging trying to enlighten people to stay safe as it is truly contradictory and illogical to have locked down the country when the number of cases was just 111 and opened the economy  almost totally now when the number of cases is almost 20,000. Hence the reason for the increasing doubt in the mind of the people.
The excuse of reopening market and economic activities in order to alleviate the economic hardship brought by the locked down can be accepted but what excuse do we have to reopen religious houses? Is it that God has refused to answer prayers individually or there’s an irresistible call by religious adherent to reopen their place of worship?
Mr. Governor, it is evident that you are trying but the reopening of religious houses i believe is more of subjectivity rather than being an objective choice.
Information has it that Muslim leaders unanimously agreed on continuous closure of the Mosque but the Christian leaders are bent on reopening the churches. Then it seems that the governor is only playing to the gallery of the Christian while being naive and sentimental in judgement, maybe because he is a Christian.
But the question is who should be more concerned about reopening of worship centre between the Muslims and Christians? Do not let us forget, Muslims are to make use of the mosque 5 times a day, 7 days a week with a special service  (Jumat) on Friday while Christians  major worship day is Sunday.
Mr. Governor please do not be boxed into what you will later regret as the opening quote of this writeup says it all. The reopening of churches is more of financial proceeds gotten which hasn’t been flowing in and not the love of God or the congregation.
The reopening of religious houses will further increase the doubt in the minds of Lagosians and then there will be unconditional demand to reopen schools, all of this will be counterproductive to all efforts to curtail the spread of this Novel disease. Mr Governor, I believe a word is enough for the wise.
Say no to reopening of Religious houses.


Akomolafe Akintude, is a social Commentator based in Lagos

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