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Pharmacists Council puts 340 outfits under lock for flouting regulations

By Barakat Odegbola

In a bid to protect Nigerians, the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN), has disclosed that it had sealed at least 84 Pharmacies and 256 Patent Medicine shops in Edo State for lack of compliance with regulatory provisions on drug distribution.

PCN stated that the closure was carried out to ensure that the vision of creating an enabling and regulated environment for the provision of quality pharmaceutical services that ensures sustainable healthcare delivery was achieved in the country.

Disclosing the number of outfits closed to newsmen yesterday, the Director of Enforcement for PCN, Stephen Esumobi, said that 22 compliance directives were issued to premises for various offenses.

Abayomi, who stood in for the Registrar, Elijah Mohammed, during the interview in Benin, added that the affected outfits were shut for various offenses ranging from the poor sanitary condition, poor documentation to the non-display of premises and pharmacist annual licenses.

The Registrar said that this is the first phase of enforcement activities of the PCN put in place to streamline the drug distribution system and improve the level of pharmaceutical service to the people of the state.

He stated, “I must tell you that 256 patent medicines vendor shops and 84 pharmacies were sealed in Edo. The actions we have carried out is not meant to punish operators of these medicine store and pharmacies but to ensure they comply with the rules guiding the distribution of drugs.

According to him, further action will be taken in due course as the PCN is committed to ensuring the full implementation of the National Drug Distribution Guidelines.

“The PCN has put in place guidelines derived from the enabling act to guide the distribution of medicines from the manufacturers and importers until they get to the end-users. It is important that all stakeholders comply accordingly in the interest of public safety,” he added.

The Registrar urged the public to source their medicine from registered and currently licensed pharmacies and over-the-counter medicines stores as drugs sold in unregistered outlets cannot be guaranteed to be genuine due to the effect of poor handling and exposure to environmental factors that degrade them.

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