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Oyo Town: It is time to speak-up (soro-soke)

By Oladipupo Olalekan

I stand as a Political Crusader and Dogged Icon in registering my miffed feelings on the menace of mobs, miscreants, and thugs in Oyo Town. I write not because I possess the best writing skills or because I am the most concerned, but I do, so history would at all times speak well of me.

If Madness they want, we must give them unhesitatingly. The state of things in Oyo town would have been worse off if not for the timely initiation of Operation Amotekun. As much as they have their own cleavages also, one would agree with me that they are doing well in some aspects as to whom much is given much is expected.

‘The Power that be’ in Oyo town keeps romancing with the thugs at the detriment of the People’s welfare. And miscreants in Oyo are being treated like VIPs and MVPs, devastatingly. Our politicians could not understand that the more they wine and dine with them, the more trouble we practically face.

In any sane clime, no rational fellow will sit down with mobs, wine, and dine with them and think that is the best alternative to end the problem of Insecurity of the Town. Those in public offices knows well the approach to use, they are just been hypocritic and not reasonable enough to understand that the more we pamper them, the more troubles looms for the town.

I say this because some days ago, in my usual ways of checking on friends whenever I am in town, I was actually around Odo-Eran when a friend called that some groups of thugs collected his Automated Teller Machine (ATM) card and threatened to deal with him if he refuses to withdraw some cash for them. As funny as this could be, this is not my first time hearing such an unfortunate scenario. So I told him to give them a little change on him as he who run from fight lives to fight another day. And just as the Yoruba Parable “MOJA MOSA LA N MO AKINKANJU, AKIN TIO BA MOJA TI KO MO ISA, IRU WON ABA OGUN LO”. As fate will smile on him, The Amotekun Corps accidentally passed through the Location without knowing that such an unruly act was going on, as soon as they saw them approaching, they all fled without collecting a dime from him.

Until the present moment, I am still in dismay on what the present Oyo is becoming. Has Oyo town turned into an avenue to breed and build thugs who eventually may turn to armed robbers? Our politicians are not sensitive to issues like this. I would not want to agree that Oyo is sitting on a keg of gunpowder waiting to explode at a single intonation. Presently, the keg of gunpowder has exploded and it only takes the intervention of a more strategic plan to reduce this.

As a young boy, this is not the Oyo, I grew up to know. The narrative has practically changed. Out-rightly, if the con political artist or probably the public officeholders needed these mobs during the electioneering process, it should be noted that elections itself can only be conducted in a peaceful atmosphere.

The Oyo we knew as Kids has become a thing of the past. The motto “AJISEBI OYO LAARI” has turned into nothing but a ruse in this regard. The so-called miscreants now have the gut to fight in broad daylight without regard for the town’s status. Some days ago, a woman was reportedly killed during the clash between thugs. The fact is this, it may be someone you do not know today, it may turn to you or someone you know tomorrow. It’s time we “SOROSOKE”. The more we organize a dinner party for miscreants after wreaking havoc on our loved ones in Oyo, the more we boost their morale; the earlier the state government understands this, the better.

To cap it all, If this problem needs to be sorted, one needs to take the bull by its horn. The public officeholders or probably politicians know these thugs but as a result of the dilapidated conditions of the political system, which has been messed up, none of the politicians would assume that they need these guys to get hold of power both before and after the electioneering process. They have no options other than to keep pampering them.

They cannot arrest them and even if they do, it’s just a surface experiment as they will be released after a short while; returning to continue the act again within their community. To end this, the political system needed an urgent revitalisation.

But the question is how feasible is this? And this left me with this rhetorical question. May we be alright Las Las. One of the very important things to be done is to ensure that all those areas where mobs used as joints should be demolished. The more we accommodate this the more we sit on trouble. More so, one should look deeply to know those that seek the release of these boys from law enforcement agency after their arrest? Are they their parents or the local Chief within their community, if through locking these people up in Police custody and transfer them to Eleweran or Kuje Prison will do; then maybe we should adopt it?

We cannot continue to pamper these unguarded miscreants and still want peace to survey. The concept “YARA KAN NI OYO” in this case is nothing but a ruse. If Oyo is one big family, warn your children to stop their devilish acts.

While it will be apposite to expressly state that politicians contribute a lot to this trending issue in our dear town. We should take cognizance of the fact that community security is a collective responsibility. Parents and community leaders also have a lot to do. Though, to an extent, poverty is one of the main precipitating factors to this issue. But, parents should give birth to only children that they can properly take care of. They should consider their economic class in giving birth and ensure proper internalization of norms into their offsprings.

We should curtail the problem of drug abuse which has become order of the day. Community leaders and members on the other hand should cooperate with security personnel in tackling the menace of thuggery in our society. And most importantly, employment and empowerment should be made available by our political officeholders to reduce number of unemployed youths both skilled and unskilled, in order to ensure they have something tangible as a source of income and to encourage a good standard of living as Professor Matzuri once said and I adumbrated “Seek ye the economic power first and every other thing shall be added unto thee” for a hungry man is an angry man.



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