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Ondo Govt., La Campagne Tropicana sign pact on tourism development

The Ondo State Government has entered into agreement with the management of La Campagne Tropicana led by Otunba Wanle Akinboboye to promote tourism in the state.

The state is seeing tourism as viable sector to invest and generate  income to augment  oil revenue.

To achieve this, the government of Ondo State led by the state governor, Rotimi Akeredolu  held a strategic meeting with  Otunba Wanle Akinboboye, founder of La Campagne Tropicana Resort, Ikegun Lagos State. The meeting was held  after the maiden edition of Asun Festival and Carnival, staged in Ondo town, organised by Akinboboye and his team.

The meeting ended on a successful note with the signing of strategic partner  agreement between  the state and the Akinboboye for the Ondo State tourism project.

Akeredolu said:  ‘‘To realise our dream for the development of Ondo’s  tourism and entertainment industry, we have entered into a strategic alliance with a much lauded private sector practitioner, Otunba (Dr.) Wanle Akinboboye, the founder of La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort , who is also a son of the soil from Ondo town, disclosed Governor Akeredolu.

‘‘Otunba Akinboboye has been in the tourism industry for over three decades and has shown his mettle via the creation of his flagship resort in Ikegun Village Lagos State. He was also involved in the initial creation of the Mare Festival and recently the Asun Carnival launched by Destination Ondo, an initiative created by him this month for his town and by extension, our state.

‘‘We believe that with this alliance, our expectation for tourism, and entertainment development, will be realised and our Sunshine State will once again set the pace on finding unique and creative solutions to our challenges as a people.’’

He is very clear where he is headed with his tourism dream as he said to Akinboboye that: ‘‘We believe that the employment generated by the type of tourism industry we envisaged for our state will provide opportunities for all. This is because it does not focus solely on educational achievements. Rather it embraces an understanding of our culture, the ability to showcase our music and dance and a willingness to display our pride in the talents and heritage of our great people.’’

To underscore the fact that he is on top of his game and knows where attention should be focused, he then outlined a number of the tourist attractions of the state that he wants put on the global tourism map for the benefit of his beloved people.

‘‘As you are aware, our glorious state is filled with many natural attractions.  These attractions include an expanse of coastline of sandy beaches, countless mountains, rivers and the famous Idanre Hills, where mountains came to host a conference and then refused to leave.

‘‘Ondo State also has a rich cultural heritage that embraces unique music and dance. Our state must harness her natural features, culture and talents to create and operate a tourism and entertainment industry that focuses on showcasing the best of Ondo State’s culture and natural features while creating wealth and hope for our youths.’’

Besides, he stated that as part of the commitment to the tourism project, he has created atmosphere for peace and security to thrive in the state through empowering a security outfit for the state, known as Amotekun.

‘‘In Nigeria today, two key issues that require intense focus by government are security and youth engagement, employment and empowerment.

‘‘It was with this in mind that the Ondo State government, under my leadership, established and is operating the Amotekun Security Force, which has introduced and maintains a security network that leverages off the security skills of our people to assist in making Ondo State a more secure state.

‘‘Simultaneously with this initiative, our government, is also focusing on job creation and youth empowerment. In this regard, we are acutely aware that the major part of the security challenges in Nigeria arise from the disenfranchisement felt by millions of our youths, who are unable to find gainful employment to generate the income they require to cater for their basic needs and the dreams to which they are entitled.’’

As he takes this tentative step with Akinboboye on the driver’s seat, Akeredolu is calling on the people of the state to take a ride with him on the Destination Ondo’s tourism bus.



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