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Nine-year-old double amputee sets records at Paris Fashion Week

By News Desk

Nine-year-old Daisy-May Demetre, whose legs were amputated due to a birth defect, has become first double amputee to walk the runway in Paris Fashion Week.

Demetre, who modelled for children’s wear label, Lulu et Gigi, inside the Eiffel Tower, was the center of attraction at the global most celebrated fashion event.
The British born modeller’s lower legs were amputated due to fibular hemimelia (shortening of the calf bone) when she was 18 months old.
Her rise to stardom has become a major inspiration for many after starting her modelling career for a UK clothing brands a year ago.
Since signing the contract, the nine-year-old has walked at the London Kids’ Fashion Week in February and at the New York Fashion Week earlier this month.

Demetre, who was inspired after seeing a TV show about fashion, proposed modeling to her and since then has worked for several major UK clothing retailers as well as for sports brand Nike Inc.


On why she chose modelling, she said: I am “here to make history, that’s what we do”, flaunting her carbon blades which she used to run and on the catwalk.

To further inspire other amputee, the nine-year-old even did a cartwheel at the London show, but for school she has a different set of prosthetic legs.


During an interview with newsmen, she stressed her reasons for putting pretty clothes on and posing for the camera.


“I get my hair done, then I get my make-up done and then I put my dress on, and my legs, and I get on the catwalk. Sometimes I do not even feel different,” she added.

Her father Alex Demetre told newsmen that he had taken to drinking and gambling after she was born and even had suicidal thoughts worrying about how her handicap was going to affect her life.

“When she was born, we thought it was going to be the end of the world. How people were going to look at her and perceive her, like boyfriends, and husbands. Now I see that she was a gift. Her disability is an actual gift and she wears that gift with pride. It does not hold her back in any way,” he said.

Lulu et Gigi founder Eni Hegedus-Buiron said she had no second thoughts about hiring an amputee to model her luxury children’s clothing, which can cost as much as $2,600 for a “Princess and the Pea Gown”.

“We bring her among the other girls. We have a curvy teen model. We have models with Down syndrome. Inclusion is for all different children,” she said.

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