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Nigerians abroad begin mobilisation for Yahaya Bello’s presidency ahead 2023 poll

By News desk


Dozens of Nigerians abroad have set up a group to mobilise support for Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello, to become All Progressives Congress (APC) Presidential candidate ahead of the 2023 general election.

The Nigerians, who were mostly based across European countries, said that the new group to garner support for the governor was the Governor Yahaya Bello Youth Movement (GYBYM).

The newly appointed Director-General of Gov.Yahaya Bello Youth Movement (GYBYM) in Europe, Mr. Razaq Ojolowo popularly known as Ayoembassy made the disclosure to newsmen on Friday in Munich Germany.

According to Ojolowo, only Gov.Yahaya Bello the youngest among the Presidential aspirants can put the country on the path of economic growth and development again, hence, the need to mobilise support to ensure his victory at the forthcoming presidential election

Ojolowo said that after a meeting in Munich, Germany, the group rolled out plans to actualise its vision of mobilising support for Gov Yahaya Bello in his campaigns to realise his goal of being the next Nigerian President.

Ojolowo and members of the group believed that the older generation have failed to deliver on their promises, saying we need a youth and Governor Yahaya Bello is the best person to correct the anomalise.

He said: “Gov. Yahayac Bello is a youth under 50years of age the Nigerians in the Diaspora, especially in Europe are ready to give their support to him, enough is enough the group said.

“From the research that we conducted, almost 80 per cent of Nigerians in Europe are tired of Nigeria been ruled by old elite so gave the reason for us to stand up and endorsed Gov.Yahaya Bello because we believe he will make Nigeria a better place based on his experience as a youth

“We will send message to our people at home to gather support for Gov.Yahaya Bello if they want us to come back home and invest,” Embassy said in a statement to newsmen.

According to him, we are going to mobilise and put resources together and campaign vigorously to ensure that more people go out to get their parmanent Voters Card PVC most especially the youths but our prayer now is for the ruling party APC to give him the platform to run for the presidency because the support for Gov.Yahaya Bello has become very imperative to make “Nigeria great again”.

Ayoembassy said that the group himself to use his online tv network (Eagletv) and his network in the Media to campaign for Gov.Yahaya Bello a WhatsApp group has been opened for members only, and WhatsApp group for the General public will soon be open for interaction, contribution and advise.

The newly brand online Television broadcasting Eagletv based in Munich Germany shall henceforth broadcast and focus on all the activities and achievements of Gov.Yahaya Bello to let more people know about him, efforts are been made by the group to launch Yahaya Bello Youth Movement GYBYM very soon in Germany.

Ojolowo “Embassy” based in Munich Germany is a Film producer (Embassy Films & Records International)veteran journalist and founder of Embassy Foundation ( an online tv Eagletv and he is the convener and the Director General of Gov.Yahaya Bello Youth Movement (YBYM)in Europe

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