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Nigerian stoke exchange records 13.66% decline at market opening

The volume of  transactions in the Nigerian Stoke Exchange (NSE) market in the month of January dropped by 13.66 per cent, according to agency reports.

The NSE monthly domestic and foreign portfolio investment (FPI) flows show that total transactions stood at N232.46 billion (about 590.82 million dollars) in January. This was in contrast with N269.24 billion (about $687.06 million) recorded in December.

The performance of January 2021 when compared to the performance in January 2020 (N235.46billion) revealed that total transactions decreased marginally by 1.27 per cent.

In January 2021, the total value of transactions executed by domestic investors outperformed transactions executed by foreign investors by circa 60 per cent.

A further analysis of the total transactions executed between January 2021 and the prior month (December 2020) revealed that total domestic transactions decreased by 7.21 per cent from N199.32 billion in December to N184.94 billion in January 2021.

Similarly, total foreign transactions decreased by 32.04 per cent from N69.92billion in December (about $178.44 million) to N47.52 billion (about $120.78million) in January 2021.

A comparison of domestic transactions revealed that retail transactions increased by 10.16 per cent from N61.22 billion in December 2020 to N67.44 billion in January 2021.

The institutional composition of the domestic market also decreased by 14.91 per cent from N138.09 billion in December 2020 to N117.50 billion in January 2021.

Over 14 year period, domestic transactions decreased by 59.54 per cent from N3.56 trillion in 2007 to N1.44 trillion in 2020, whilst foreign transactions increased by 18.45 per cent from N616 billion to N729 billion over the same period.

Total domestic transactions accounted for about 74 per cent of the total transactions carried out in 2020, whilst foreign transactions accounted for about 26 per cent of the total transactions in the same period.

The transaction data for January 2021 shows that total foreign transactions stood at  N47.52billion, whilst total domestic transactions stood at N184.94 billion.


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