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Nigerian Army considers technology adoption for fight against terrorism

By News Desk, Agency Report

The Nigerian Army has considered adopting technology and knowledge-based solutions in the fight against terrorism, so as to put an end to insurgencies that has displaced so many persons, particularly in the North-East.

It calls on senior officers of security agencies to develop knowledge-based solutions in tackling the nation’s insecurity that had resulted in incessant killings across Nigeria.

The Chief of Policy and Plans, Lt.-Gen. Lamidi Adeosun explained the need for a paradigm shift in curbing crime, saying that the advent of technology has brought about the easiest ways of doing things, urged officers of the law enforcement agencies to spend more time on critical assets through research and findings, in order to put an end to terrorism.

Speaking at the Nigerian Army Resource Centre (NARC), yesterday in Abuja, during the ceremony of Strategic Management and Policy Studies Course 3/2020, Amosu averred that the need to take up security courses cannot be underestimated, since security was taking a new shape, addressing the issue through other lenses rather than the pure kinetic engagements was pertinent from what the participants used to know.

He hinted that fighting insurgency has gone beyond the normal narrative as security has expanded beyond the old systematic dimensions, hence, critical thinking with the aid of technology should be adopted in curbing security challenges.

Amosu opined that factors like food security, physical security and employment amongst others should be given adequate attention in the course module, as such are strategies through which terrorists penetrate residents in the society.

According to him, as strategic leaders, knowledge is crucial to security activities; critical thinking and emotional intelligence packages should be included in the strategic management component of the course for knowledge and capacity building.

On his part, the Director-General, NARC, Maj.-Gen. Abdulwahab Garba (Rtd), said the course was essentially aimed at looking at security from another perspective other than the usual kinetic angle.

Garba revealed that the centre had made effort to get across to different parts of the world with a view to bridging the gaps in the security architecture of the nation.



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