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Nigeria records 11 COVID-19 patients death within 24hrs

By News Desk

No fewer than 11 Nigerians under isolation after contracting coronavirus were reported to have died within 24 hours, increasing the number of patients that have passed in the country from 2,200 to 2,211.

The 11 patients, who contracted the virus under the third wave after its spread to Nigeria, were reported to have passed on within the hour by the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

Through the statistics released on activities of the virus across Nigeria yesterday on NCDC official website, the agency disclosed that 636 new cases were discovered and that it increased the number of Nigerians that have contracted the virus since last year from 180, 661 to 181, 297 cases.

NCDC further disclosed that within the hour, at least 149 patients walked out from the isolation after tests conducted on them proved that they have no strain of the virus left in their body.

According to the disease control agency, 166, 709 patients, previously under isolation across the country, have been allowed to re-integrate with Nigerians after they were certified free by medical experts.

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