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New IBM CEO discloses plans for Artificial Intelligence, hybrid cloud technology

By Newsdesk,

The new Chief Executive Officer of American technology firm, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), Arvind Krishna, has disclosed plans to provide high tech Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Hybrid Cloud technology solutions to customers with aim to maintain the company’s place at top spot of the business support technology sector.

Krishna, who resumed at the corporation’s helm of affairs in early hours of Monday, described IBM as the backbone of critical business systems worldwide, such as bank credit card transactions, supply chain processes, telecommunications connectivity, improved patient care in healthcare systems amongst others, and said that it was imperative that the corporation continue providing quality technological support to it’s customers.

He explained that he aimed at further establishing the corporation as technology gold standard especially in areas of AI and Hybrid Cloud technology, and that in order to accomplish such goal, the company had undergone a managerial shake up through which new leaders had been appointed.

Speaking in an open letter released on Monday, the tech boss said that the newly appointed corporation managers included the President and head IBM Strategy, Cloud and Cognitive unit, Jim Whitehurst, Senior Vice President of Global Markets, Bridget van Kralingen, CEO Red Hat unit, Paul Cormier and the Senior Vice-President, Cloud Platform, Howard Boville, who is scheduled to join the corporation on May 1 from the Bank of America.

Krishna reiterated that each new leader had brought years of experience to the table from which IBM, its staff and customers where expected to reap huge benefits from and that the company had thus become positioned to provide platforms for better business support to it’s subscribers.

He addressed the corporation staff, encouraging them to continue putting in their best for the company while assuring them of his responsiveness to their needs and wants, with aim to ensure that all employees were fulfilled through working with the corporation.

The new CEO urged them to uphold company spirit and policies, and requested full cooperation from all employees, saying that only through unity could the company weather adverse conditions being posed by global coronavirus realities.

He, however, expressed his optimism that IBM, as well as it’s subscribers, would come out strong following coronavirus threat, saying that the innovative ways in which staff had adapted to new work processes after advent of the viral infection outbreak was proof of the corporation’s resilience in face of tough situations.

“This crisis is also changing how many of us work. I’ve been particularly impressed to see how fast so many IBMers have adapted to new ways of working, including virtually and in new settings, which I know can be sometimes challenging…

I believe we can make IBM the most trusted technology partner of the 21st century. For this to happen, we have to ensure that IBM continues to innovate and lead in the transformational journeys our clients are on. Hybrid cloud and AI are two dominant forces driving change for our clients and must have the maniacal focus of the entire company”.

Krishna gave assurances of his commitment to the growth of the corporation and well being of its staff, and expressed his happiness at being given opportunity to lead IBM.

“In my 30+ years with IBM, I have seen first-hand the tremendous talent and dedication that IBMers possess. For all these reasons, I’m truly honored and humbled to be your CEO and to lead an iconic, storied and innovative company like IBM. I look forward to listening and learning from all of you”.

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