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NASS orders regular psychiatric testing for police officers

By NewsDesk,

The National Assembly has prescribed regular psychiatric testing for men and officers of the Nigerian Police Force (NPF), with special consideration to members of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), citing recent prevalence reports of power abuse and extra judicial killings alleged to have been commited by the security operatives.

The House of Representatives expressed concern over reports reaching them which alleged several atrocities being commited by police officers, some of which were reported to have resulted in death of the victims.

The lawmakers came to resolution following adoption of a motion which had been moved by house member, Taiwo Onanuga, over alleged lack of professionalism which he said was widely displayed by SARS operatives and men of the police force throughout the country.

Speaking during plenary on Thursday, Onanuga cited several reports of police brutality, obtaining  by force and killings allegedly perpetrated by the security operatives and added the recent death of Remo Stars Football Club Assistant CAptain, Tiamiyu Kazeem, who was also alleged to have been killed by SARS men.

He reiterated that it was unseemly for such criminal acts to be carried out by men who were expected to be patriotic law enforcement agents and that it raised questions on whether most of the country’s security forces were fit to be placed in positions of authority or even allowed to carry arms.



According to the lawmaker, the action of the policemen was contradictory of the force mandate which was to ensure safety of lives and properties of Nigerians and that it was unnaceptable behaviour to trample on the rights of citizens whom they were sworn to protect.

Onanuga added that things had come to a head and could no longer be ignored, asking that drastic measures be taken to restore Nigerian’s confidence in the nation’s security apparatus.

“It has become increasingly obvious that the Nigeria Police Force cannot bring its officers to abide by the rules of engagement and treat civillians with respect as they should; as their actions are in clear contrast with the terms and conditions of the alleged Reform SARS, and therefore, actions more effective and lasting needs to be taken”, he submitted.

The green chamber assured Nigerians of its commitment to ensuring the welfare of Nigerians and urged citizens to refrain from taking laws into their own hands.

The House expressed resolve to mandate its Committees on Police Affairs, Justice, Human Rights to investigate the recent action by SARS operatives which was alleged to have led to the death of Tiyamiyu Kazeem and urged the federal government to adopt and implement psychatric testing amongst police men.

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