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Makinde blames politicians over crimes, crisis rocking Oyo

By Monsurudeen Olowoopejo

The Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde, has attributed the surge in crime and other crises rocking the state to the handiwork of his critics and politicians aiming to make the state ungovernable ahead of the 2023 general election in the state.

Makinde added that they have also connived the law enforcement agencies to ensure that the state continued to remain unpeaceful in order to have issues to campaign with, in another two years when the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) would signal the commencement of another election.

The governor cautioned the critics and politicians to desist from the actions and work towards ensuring the state continuously remains peaceful for all irrespective of their status within Oyo state.

He made the allegation on Saturday during an interview on a popular programme monitored by The Guild, saying that assuming the seat as governor rest with the electorate and that they can only vote for someone that was believed to be capable of addressing the state challenges.

Makinde said: “Some people think what will make them govern Oyo State is to cause problems but I have news for them you have to have a state before you can govern. So, if you destroy the state what will you govern?

“We have to remember some governors have served in the past but have left now, nothing lasts forever. We have to be careful so as not to destroy our tomorrow”, he added.

The governor told his critics and politicians that his emergence was not determined by anyone but that he got his mandate through the ballot that was determined by the electorate, adding, I do not have Godfather, so no one can dictate for me. I work for the interest of the public.

He assured the residents that his administration would continue to embark on programmes and introduce policies that favours the majority in the state.

According to him, my message to the people of Oyo State is that they should not be afraid. All the challenges we are going through now, I want to assure the people of Oyo State that we are up to the task and the job you gave us we are doing it.

“God sent people to this world for something, over the years, I trained as an engineer but something kept drawing me back to Oyo State. I did my first project in Ibadan in 2000 at Bishop Philips Academy. The governor then was Alhaji Lam Adesina. I felt so fulfilled.

“So, I thought if I can do that as a private person, with the resources of the state I can do more. That’s what led me into politics. I approach things logically. I believe that we have to govern by consensus, by consultation, by seeking alignment.

“If all agree that this is what we want to do, we have more chance of success. So, I always seek the input of the people and that is why we have their support”, the governor added.

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