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LASG reveals fresh details on first Coronavirus case

By Temitope Akintoye,

Hours after Lagos State recorded the first case of Coronavirus index case, the Government has revealed that the index case also visited Ogun State before showing symptoms that attracted medical experts to him.

According to Government, the first index case, who is an Italian, visited Ewekoro in Ogun state where he met his clients, interacted with them before he fell ill and was rushed to the hospital.

The government said: “This young man came into Lagos from Milan in Italy on February 25th and next day moved to Ewekoro in Ogun State. While in the state, he fell ill and was rushed to the hospital. The doctors at the hospital were very smart enough to discover that the man that came into the country from Italy could have contacted Coronavirus.

“After we were contacted, we sent in an Ambulance with pep Jacket and brought him to Lagos yesterday morning where our medical experts in Yaba diagnosed him and the test proved positive that he has contacted the virus.

“Doctors have assured us that the patient will be well soon because he was discovered early. We are trying to track everyone on that flight and all those that he met on his way to Ewekoro and during his stay within the state”, the government added.

Addressing Pressmen on Coronavirus outbreak, the state governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, disclosed that the state status warrant that coronavirus would sooner or later show up in Lagos, saying, this was why we have put up measures of containment since its first outbreak in China.

While appealing to residents to stay calm and maintain high levels of cleanliness to limit the spread, Sanwo-Olu said that quarantine measures, testing facilities as well as all necessary technology to battle the virus has been deployed, urging Lagosians to shun panic while doing their best to avoid infection.
The governor, on Friday while addressing pressmen, advised Lagosians to uphold sanitary measures including regular hand washing and using of hand sanitizers, as well as avoiding large crowds or gatherings.
He reiterated that anyone who felt sick should report to the nearest hospital and not run the risk of infecting loved ones by staying at home, adding that proper treatments were available and that coronavirus infection was not a death sentence.
“I urge all Lagosians to keep calm, government is on top of the situation and we will makw sure it doesn’t get out. The patient has been contained, but he had also gotten around before containment so we urge anyone who feels sick to come into hospital for proper testing, diagnosis and treatment. Coronavirus is not automatic death, so please come in on time”.

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