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LASG kicks start home treatment for COVID-19 patients

By Monsuru Olowoopejo

The Lagos State Government has kicked started home-based management of asymptomatic and mild coronavirus cases rather than at the Isolation centres in the state.

It noted that the home-based care was necessitated by the increasing numbers of positive cases in the community which is a result of the increase in number testing facilities.

According to the government, with the increasing numbers of positive cases, the possibility of running short of bed spaces in isolation facilities can not be ruled out making it imperative to opt for home-based care for people who have mild symptoms or are asymptomatic to the infection.

The Commissioner for Health, Professor Akin Abayomi, who confirmed this on Friday at a news briefing, stressed that the State government will pay more attention to patients with moderate and severe cases and manage such cases at the Isolation centres because they are not suitable to be managed at home.

Abayomi said: ‘’We are going to define who can be managed at home and who can be managed in an isolation facility. It is a bit of a simple decision. If you are asymptomatic you qualify to be managed at home simply because most people in that category will naturally get well without any medical intervention.
“After all, if you are not feeling any symptom you may not know you have COVID19, nothing happens to you and you may clear the virus after seven to 10 days. So the people we want to pay more attention to are the moderate to severe ones because they are not suitable for home-based care”.
The Commissioner, however, noted home-based care for asymptomatic and mild patients will be strictly monitored stressing an asymptomatic patient can turn mild and a mild patient may turn moderate or even severe which will require management at an Isolation facility if such is the case.
He stated that patients receiving home-based care would be provided with a COVID-19 pack with which they can monitor their body temperature, measure their oxygen level and be given certain vitamins and pain-relieving drugs to manage themselves.
‘’When we manage you at home we are going to monitor you. We will call you by phone, people will come and visit you, your family members can call us. With our developed EkoTelemed, we can have a consultation with you in your house without us coming. We are going to give you COVID19 pack where you can measure your temperature, oxygen level, give you certain vitamins and pain killers so that you can have a comfortable time while you are isolating at home’’, he said.

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