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LASEPA to ban single-use plastics, begins advocacy on Monday

By Olawale Abdul-Fatah

As part of a strategy to protect Lagos environment, the State Environmental Protection Agency (LASEPA) has disclosed plans to ban all single-use plastics, prevent pollutions and avoid disposal problems.

LASEPA stressed that protecting the environment would require residents to embrace eco-friendly products that are suitable for multiple uses in the state.

The environmental protection agency hinted that to ensure the advocacy achieves its purpose, beginning from next Monday, single-use plastics will not be allowed within its premises.

LASEPA General Manager, Dr. Dolapo Fasawe, in a statement signed by the agency’s Public Affairs Officer, Bola Ajao, stated that the ban of single-use plastics within its premises was to serve as a pilot for the scheme.

“As the Environmental police of the state, LASEPA should set a good record for others to emulate, hence the reason why we are using our facilities as a pilot scheme to drive home our Zero plastic waste campaign and its attendant effects on human health and the environment.

According to her, this move would later be extended for wider implementation in all government premises and the state as a whole.

To achieve the objective of the campaign, all staff and visitors to LASEPA premises are enjoined to support and comply with this holistic directive, just as the agency will be providing multiple use cloth bags to all staff within the first week of implementation to substitute old unfriendly materials, after which same bags can be purchased at the Agency reception at a minimal fee.

According to her, single -use plastics represent the epitome of throwaway culture that ends up in landfills, oceans, waterways and the environment which causes environmental and health hazards.

She also explained that replacements such as cloth (cotton) or reusable bags, paper bags and others can be used several times and naturally decomposes in the environment and also guide against dirtiness, flooding, drainage blockade ,soil and water contamination.

The General Manager thereby called for societal change against the use of single-use materials and charged corporate organizations, companies and industries to embrace the new holistic approach by using recyclable and reusable materials that are cost-effective, environmentally friendly and devoid of environmental nuisances and pollution.

This pilot scheme, according to Fasawe, would serve as a blueprint and guide towards government policy thrust on a total ban on single- use plastic and further help in securing the environment and leave a better legacy for future generations.

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