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Lagos need N99bn to manage 33,000 police officers annually – Trust Fund

By News Desk

The Lagos State Government, through its Security Trust Fund (LSSTF), has disclosed that to achieve effective policing across the state, the government would require no fewer than N99 billion to efficiently manage 33,000 personnel of the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) in Lagos annually.

It explained that the N99 billion needed by the state government would help in conveniently kitting and equipping the police officers if they must be properly motivated.

The LSSTF Executive Secretary, Dr AbduRazaq Balogun, said that to fully kit one policeman with uniform, taser, tactical gear (light, Knife, jacket, belt, gloves, Knee, shoulder, ankle, and boots) bulletproof vest, ballistic helmet, tear gas, push-to-talk on cellular communication equipment, rain gear, among others would cost N3 million.

According to him, this is our reality if we truly want a highly motivated, and fully equipped police force in the state. It is clear that we are just scratching the surface but like it is asked “how do you eat an elephant?” – one bite at a time. Understanding the problem is Key to proffering a solution.

He explained that the fund has about fifteen years of experience and Knowledge in objectively studying the problem, noting that the body can provide necessary guidance to reach the promised land with needed finance.

“Truth be told, the needs of security agencies are endless as they are expected to be prepared for every single possible crime scenario.

Often most people do not see how simple solutions to a problem such as providing sniffer dogs creates a whole new expenditure matrix such as housing, feeding, training, health care and even providing special protection details for the dogs from drug barons who would seek to kill them.

Keeping these dogs alone is a very expensive endeavor but the K-9 unit is not too advanced to be included in our security architecture in the state,” Balogun said on Wednesday at the 15th Annual Security Town Hall meeting held in Lagos.

Balogun added that the security agencies require advanced training, more equipment that would support an intelligence-led approach to crime prevention.

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