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Lagos Govt., Okada riders and Traffic law enforcement

By. Babajide Imitini

Yes post protest or aftermath. The government will need to be proactive to address such antitrust and some of these anti-social behaviours in the state.

The government by now should have organized community sensitisation programs of behavioural modification therapy. And set up various Committees to address the issues of artisans, Commercial motorcycle operators popularly called Okada riders, motor parks squatters, the Nigerian Union of Roads Transport Workers (NURTW) from community to community, etc.

At this time, the government should create environmental friendly meetings with all the 20 Local Governments areas in the state and reach out to all Local Council Development Area (LCDA).

The government, however, is compounding the societal problems by using undue pressure and force to address issues in the state. Doing that, the people will fight back especially the Okada riders because they have nowhere to go to fetch their daily bread as the case may be.

They see it as their rights since their physiological needs are being deprived, therefore they will resist any attempt made to dislodge them from the road.

To address the issue, the Lagos State Government should alternate his methodological approach of handling this issue of enlightenment campaign through motorcade jingles in the major three Nigerian languages, including Pidgin English. The application of force will only worsen the situation at hand.

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