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Kano Govt., traders commend Dangote’s intervention on products supply

By Abubakar Zaharadden. Kano

The Kano State Government and traders have commended Dangote Group for its intervention to prevent products scarcity across the country particularly during the month of Ramadan in the state.
They said that his intervention on availability of products has assisted to prevent scarcity that often lead to abnormal hike in price of goods across the country.
The state government through the its Public Complaints and Anti- Corruption Commission and traders wrote and expressed their gratitude yesterday during an interview with newsmen in the state.
Commending the Dangote Group for preventing  price increase of essential commodities during fasting period, Chairman,  Kano State Public Complaints and Anti- Corruption Commission, Muhuyi Rimingado, lauded the company for flooding the market with essential goods that could assist Muslims observe the fast with ease.
Rimingado noted that after a thorough observation of Dangote’s intervention, the commission decided to write a letter to the company and commended its efforts towards easing what could have resulted to pains for residents especially Muslims observing the fast.
He said: ’I was informed that the company has flooded the market with commodities that can last till after the Ramadan period and not only in Kano but across the northern states, ‘’Muhuyi Rimingado said.
‘’This was why we appreciated the company with a letter of Commendation last week. I hope the company will sustain the initiative even after the holy month of Ramadan”, the chairman added.
A major Dealer of Dangote products in Singer market in Kano,  Salisu Sambajo, while commending the company, stated that there was no time that the organisation increases prices of its commodities in any parts of the country during Ramadan.
Sambajo explained that the company sells a bag of sugar to major Dealer at the rate of  N18,500 and the company makes a refund of N 250 per each to the dealers
” I am among the major Dealers of Dangote products in Nigeria, to the best of my knowledge there was no time Dangote company increases the price of his commodities during fasting period”, he added.
He, meanwhile, disclosed that the hike in product price during Ramadan were often caused by retailers aiming to utilise the holy month to rake in more gains during product sales.
“What Dangote has done to us at this singer market, its only God that can reward him abundantly, years back, Dangote use to give us commodities to sell without collateral, until after we’ve sold the commodities, then we payback and take the profit”
Also, another major Dealer of Dangote products, Sabo Dankoli explained that they have never experienced a hike in price from Dangote company during Ramadan.
” There are a lot of commodities on the ground this year, am assuring the general populace that this year we are not expecting any hike in sugar and other commodities, just like last year. Even that of last year, despite the COVID-19 pandemic which caused lockdown, Dangote companies did not hike the prices of their products”.
Shedding light on the activities of Dangote Group of Companies on efforts to guarantee stable prices for commodities during Ramadan, a senior official of the company, Garba Ibrahim El- Suleiman, disclosed that the company presently has flooded all the markets across the country with commodities whereby no dealer would be able to skyrocket the price of any product.

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